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Written by Sabby Sabs


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  1. Sabby I think you are doing too much with this story. Of course it was planned, but it's not like they paid the cops to detain, they just knew what would happen if they occupied that spot. So we can't say it was all fake, as "staged" would imply that the cops were in on it. It's a wink and nod unspoken request to be detained to show that she is willing to demonstrate. Of course the cops aren't going to arrest her forcefully – she's a congress woman. But it's not like she told the cops to do this, she just knew they would be obligated to detain her for occupying, so she is happy to force their hand because it makes her look good. But it is "real" in the sense that these are real cops and real detainments, and they aren't in on whatever you're saying was staged. It is for show, and there is no risk for her in doing this, but this isn't something we need to investigate, bc she is exercising her right to protest. Sabby doing too much here.

  2. Sorry Sabby but why are you relying on the Washington Examiner for information? "The Washington Examiner is an American conservative news website and weekly magazine based in Washington, D.C. It is owned by MediaDC, a subsidiary of Clarity Media Group, which is owned by Philip Anschutz." Shouldn't you have other outlets also reporting on this not just some right wing outlet?

  3. The ONLY defence I will ever make Of Kopmala – she isn't the worst VP ever, not even in living memory – that would be Dan Quayle, a man so stupid he got into, and lost, a running feud with a fictional character (Murphy Brown in her original TV series).

  4. Why were they getting arrested? What was the law they broke? Usually when you get arrested for a cause you talk about your agenda or the broken laws that allow you to get arrested for peaceful civil disobedience. AOC only does publicity stunts when there is no hope for real action by her party. She's a phony.

  5. It's OK that you called the Canadian anthem "that song" it made me laugh cause i'm right indignant when it comes to the US song ,you know the one that drops bombs on everyone ,never liked that one. The only thing left in the Canadian anthem as a personal pet peeve is the omage to an imaginary deity!

  6. My student loans standard payment is $1000 more than I can afford, but US says we can easily pay back 20% of pretax income for 25 years (only 25 years if you never miss or are late with a payment). I’m 57…I’m looking at 83 yrs old before they will consider forgiveness and guess what, not only am I gonna miss payments during that time, I will never have that money and hoping that hubs stays alive and in good standing to not live in extreme poverty for the rest of my life, because if I’m on my own, the damage they promise with nonpayment will happen to me by the end of 2022x

  7. Establishment Democrats and fake-af "progressive" Democrats: "(Sobbing uncontrollably under their sheets) OMG…. leave Britney, I mean, Congressional Kardashian, I mean, AOC alone!!!"

  8. CORRECTION: Apparently those donations for AOC maybe from individuals who work at those companies. But for those amounts, that still means that her campaign targeted those companies. So to me, it's still strange.

  9. Sabby on fire with the receipts, her analysis, and delivery 🔥
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for the info & for all aspects of your continued work

  10. This comment is a reply to the pinned comment Sabby just made. I tried to post it as a direct reply but YouTube once again censored me and that reply is shadowbanned. Here is what I tried to reply to Sabby's pinned comment: Yeah since this issue actually has come up before regarding what is being shown on the open secrets website & AOC and I'm assuming you are making this correction because some Fraud Squad defender somewhere on social media has reached out to you with the idea that those donations are from workers allow me to tell you why they said so.

    While those donations are apparently from workers at those companies it doesn't say what level of worker. Someone who works for those companies can mean anything from a blue collar worker at Amazon to someone who sits at the top of the company chain as a boss.

    So where does the idea & assumption that those workers are low level blue collar and thus those donations are a culmination of many small dollar donations come from? Kyle Kulinski. Last time this came up Kyle said that because if you read the small print on the website it says those donations came from employees at those companies those donations are the results of blue collar workers making a series of small dollar donations to AOC. And where you might ask did Kyle get any evidence that those are blue collar small dollar donations? From his A-hole Sabby. Pulled it straight outta the old Kyle A-hole between his legs and then farted it out again from the A-hole in the middle of his face.

    But thinking about it logically you have to ask WHY is it that the only companies in which blue collar small dollar donations to AOC are coming from are companies like Google & Amazon that have known connections to the CIA? Why are there not dozens & dozens of companies listed in which blue collar small dollar donations should also be pouring in from? So which now seems more logical? That those donations are from low level blue collar workers or from people higher up on the company chain of those companies?

  11. I don't need to know if it was staged or not. The bottom line is she will not be sacrificing or suffering anything a common protestor would. She's not going to be getting fired from her job or having insurmountable legal bills. This is not MLK getting arrested in the Jim Crow South. So even if this was 100% real. Doesn't matter because there's no real risk there. The cops are not going to manhandle public figures on being filmed. You wanna impress me, sacrifice by standing up to Pelosi and risk be left out in the cold by the dems. I'm all for support but protestors protest because they lack power and seek to move those who do have power. AOC, you have power and access to those who have it, don't protest, just go pass something.

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