GBN News discussion covering Australia’s lockdown and the role of the media

Britain’s GBN News discussion with Dan Wootton on Australia’s lockdown protests, the lack of coverage of community frustrations in the mainstream media, and the role played by independent citizen journalists to get stories out from on the ground.

Written by Real Rukshan


  1. We can't allow the Government to cover over the death of Kyle Mitchell. The graphic footage of Kyle being told to get up off the ground. Kyle telling the voice that he couldn't get up,. "My skull is cracked." On video the crack looked like about 5cm above his ear, horizontal to the ground, running about 10cm. He was covered in blood, blood under him mixed with cerebrospinal fluid mixed with his blood, all over the ground.

    Kyle's death would have be one of absolute agony. I have never seen a skull cracked in this manner and I was involved in road accident rescues for approximately ten years. While Kyle lied dying, with his life literally oozing from his cracked skull, not one person offering him medical aid or even humane comforting as he laid dying. This was the most brutal, gruesome death I have ever witnessed and I personally feel Kyle suffered a random rubber bullets, to side of his head, above his ear. Probably one of the most exposed areas of the head and brain.

    I will be shocked if this isn't taken down. I honestly feel that Vic Police will do everything within their power to bury the most savage and brutal deaths of a human being in peace time Victoria, Australia.

    Kyle's death needs to be investigated and the Officer responsible for the shot, to face charges of shooting indiscriminately into a crowd, of unarmed citizens. This must contravene the Geneva Convention, as well as the Nuremberg Code.

    My deepest and most sincerest condolences to Kyle's family and close friends. If YouTube takes this post down, then there is no hope left in this world of any form, of humanity. We are definitely at war and the Australian Government has chosen not to defend their citizens. The blood of Kyle, who again was unarmed, Protesting against MANDATORY EXPERIMENTAL INJECTIONS (that are not Vaccines).

    Considering the Prime Minister saying publically, numerous times. These Experimental Vaccines will not be made Mandatory. Where the hell are you Scott Morrison? There is no way in hell are you defending the rights of the Australian people. How much have you got stashed offshore in Davos Elite, Cabal BLOOD MONEY.

    We all know why your not sleeping and you look decidedly grey, Scott Morrison. Your an educated man, you know what happens next and how your remaining days will play out. It definitely won't be as the Australian Prime Minister who faught tooth and nail, for the best outcome for Australian citizens under the watch of the Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison. Dan Andrews will be going down with you, as will most of your Inner Cabinet. May God have mercy on your souls.

  2. Freedom is dead in Australia even after lockdowns . Life never be the same , peoples will have to live with a new freedom come from the governments both states and federal . That freedom is a set of rules which taken away peoples basic human right , we are no longer have a life as our living value has been destroyed , in another words Australian are have the same life as animals in the zoos , live in cages , we are live without life .

  3. RUKSHAN !!
    I don’t know if you read the comments but to troll the media in Australia that belittle your work have you thought about superimposing your bride groom wedding photos to include being fired upon by the police or running from mounted police .
    I feel a calendar is in the near future.

  4. NSW promised the double V’d they would have regional freedom back at 70%, that was moved to 80%…. NOW they are extending it indefinitely because V rates are too low in some regional areas…so the mob are now turning on the unV’d. They want us fighting each other and not them

  5. What makes me sad is the people who are absolutely fine with this here in Australia. Police here have no respect for anybody but corrupt govt. Media has to be held accountable big time.

  6. That footage is mild, police beat grandmothers and pepper spray them in the street, arrest full term pregnant women in their house in front of their children for making a Facebook post about their government. Attack people from behind and smash their faces into the pavement for talking to another person, or pepper spray them while drinking a cup of coffee without a face mask on, you have no idea, we are refused medical treatment unless vaccinated.

  7. Australia’s media class is one of the most ignorant and politically uniform in the world. The ‘Public Servants’ are almost as bad. This situation has arisen out of the intellectuaaly supine state of the universities.

  8. Ruckshan is a Victorian ( and Australian ) hero. He kept us Victorians company and well informed over the last 18 months while the globalists have been invading us.

  9. By the way Queensland labour politicians dont have to get the jab – well thats fair isnt it after all they are running the Queensland Government. I am from prison australia and they have been writing new laws for years now in preparation of this "covid" outbreak

  10. We love Rukshan👍👍
    We need more people like him he’s a legend he keeps it real we all support him 100%.
    Every time I see the mainstream media I just spit in the face they discussed me

  11. No truer word spoken ..MSM in Australia are pathetic, lying, deceitful, criminal, treasonous pieces of trash and they are going down along with every person complicit in this War against humanity.

  12. The truth hurts the mainstream media here in Victoria they don't want to play that the truth they want to stay with a narrative which is a complete lie that's why rukshan is hero along with other brave independent journalists not like lying mainstream media

  13. As a resident of Melbourne, I support Rukshan 100%. He is courageous, especially given the fascist behaviour of Victoria Police, who have been door knocking independent citizen journalists to try to intimidate them.

    What a shame we can’t trust the MSM to tell the truth. And ask for the national broadcaster here in Australia… good grief! Like the BBC the local national broadcaster (ABC) is woke, and led the attacks on Rukshan. Bizarre that a woke TV station attacks a “person of colour”, but it reveals the hypocrisy central to their identity politics.

  14. Important to note that the Vic government has given 100% tax rebate to radio and television media. So even though their businesses have worked through the entire time they will be paying no tax… meanwhile those off work receive no tax breaks.
    Any wonder why the media say what Vic Gov want.

  15. From my own observations at least, the media haven't been cowed into towing the govt line; they seem to be the main force pushing all this. The (now) former deputy premier of NSW said that there was no medical reason why they enacted the curfew here, they just had enough of getting hammered by the media for not having one. Now that our new premier has started trying to restore things to normal in NSW he's become public enemy no. 1 for the media. You can see the ABC this morning, trying to stir up public outrage for his plan to do away with quarantine.