G’day Knackers. Dan Andrews

D!ck Head Of The Week. EP10.
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  1. Bloody awesome job mate, couldn't stop laughing. Except at the end, when I realised you just found over 10 minutes of sheer dickheadery, from within the last few days. This country is so rooted.

  2. These goobos are running the country it shows other countries are brimming over with these donger heads also we are f#%*ed
    By the way this it good stuff keep it up I don't laugh much any more but this absolutely makes up for it you aced it

  3. Ask our demonic treasurer and the other demonic politicians that Albo lured out of their cracks to do an APTITUDE test

    The test is to count to ten verbally without a calculator and to recite the Alphabet..ask them in person at random so they don't expect it and prepare their notes to make them look smart

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