Gen Z CHEERS As Housing Prices Crash | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar examine data about how Americans would feel about a housing market crash without the blooper in the original video

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Jeff Stein:

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  1. Once the boomers expire there will be more housing than we know what to do with. Building now would be short sighted, we WILL build too much, in places its not required or the folks cannot afford even what we build. Half of America isn't going to need or want to mess with theirs and their parents home. Siblings who get their parents property are going to cash out, not split the baby unless its in FL or HI and they can afford to travel and pay the taxes.

    The expectation that the world is a steady state is getting tiresome. All things are never equal twice.

  2. Also waiting for a crash. If retirees get hurt sorry but the irresponsible behavior of older generations have hurt us enough. Banks, massive funds and foreigners shouldn't be out pricing American families.

  3. If they’re cheering for a crash, they haven’t learned anything by now; average people will leave their homes and/or primary retirement instruments, while the hedge funds sweep in and buy the supply for cents on the dollar; it won’t be the young making hay in the event of a crash.

    Once more, the young and clueless doing the bidding of the moneyed interests.

  4. I am a Gen Xer praying for a strong 'adjustment' in the market, but that's predicated more on investors and speculators losing their asses than anything. Payback for putting the squeeze on individuals and families by buying houses 30%-50% over asking price for the past two years and pushing land prices from $4,000 per acre to $12,000 per acre here in rural East Texas. But i am not sure it will hurt them if they are renting those homes for rents that have increased 80% over that time. Plus, if the market does 'crash' i suspect the investor class will be bailed out by taxpayers they are putting over the barrel and find a way to consolidate more housing on the back end.

  5. Unfortunately, even when housing prices are inflated to absurd levels, they are highly unlikely to crash to levels of affordability that benefit Americans. The 2008 housing market crash, despire having a short term housing discount, led to a substantial decrease in overall homeownership, one we have still not yet fully recovered from today despite being in the midst of another one. People fantasizing about being able to finally afford a house when the market crashes are going to be rudely awakened to find that they're competing with BlackRock rushing in to suck up all the discounted inventory and will be even less able to afford a house than they are today.

  6. If corporations couldn't buy houses the prices would be much lower. Banks won't give people $500K+ asking price but corporations have no problem paying it which just raises the prices

  7. Actually…..So many EASY solutions.

    And…So many bought and sold politicians slaving for their corporate overlords.

    And….So many hedge fund lies telling us how it is oh-so-complicated, and oh-so-impossible to understand.

    Just another example of UNBRIDLED GREED combined with UNREGULATED CAPITALISM.
    A Toxic stew that poisons everything as it bubbles over the pot and over the nation.

  8. Idk who has 20k saved for a downpayment without having sold a home first honestly. I managed to slip in right before the price hikes with a combination of savings, 401k loan and negotiation to get my home in a very cheap cost of living part of the country and even my area in Jan 2021. I seriously feel for those that are trying their best but just cant cross over that threshold into owning a home because of the dumb prices and amount of capitol coming in paying cash for over asking price. How can you compete with that

  9. Isn't Gen Z the smallest generation to date? Didn't the downturn in birth rates start with Gen X and has continued into Millennials and Gen Z? Seems like there will be a lot of houses available in the not too distant future. In fact, a glut of houses.

  10. A crash is not good. We need housing built — by any means necessary. Every shape and size and price point.

    Infill, missing-middle housing is VERY necessary as it is more affordable than mcmansions. We're millions of homes behind in terms of what we need. So if it doesn't get built because contractors fear losing money, that's not a good thing.

    ADU's, multi-family buildings, apartments, townhouses, cottage clusters — EVERYTHING.

  11. I'm Gen X and I want a housing crash. Get rid of mortgage interest deduction and the ability to deduct interest on rental properties. Let the working class afford houses instead of subsidizing the rich and the landlord classes overpriced real estate investments.

  12. A.m.a.z.on builds big surface workhouses on former farmland then it's 'anonymous' real estate division buys up much of the available properties in the area. Oh yeah.

  13. They're too stupid to understand what it means, so when it happens to them during home ownership we'll recognize that dumb look on their face when $30,000 to $50,000 of their home value evaporates or goes negative!

  14. Government props up stock markets, housing, education, health care and big industry, which is why these will always see higher prices. There is no free market, so there is no way these will fail under government's preference for those markets over the people.

  15. This is all bologna. If they all had the money to buy houses, why didnt they when interest rates were lowest in decades? Gen Z only say they want what they can no longer afford. Even with a correction, would not interest rates prohibit them?

  16. Its not about buying a home – its about buying a home where people want to live that is convenient and close to work. There are plenty of homes out there. People just don't want to live in the middle of nowhere or in Ohio, Kansas, Nebraska, etc. The coverage on affordable housing gets scewed unintentionally by people who live on the coasts. Talk to consulting firms in the "fly over states" and we will give you a very different view on what's going on. The problem we see has the same root causes but if we only address the symptoms the solutions will cause unintended blowback.

  17. When prices drop people don't sell so there might be a great devaluation unfortunately the supply will not be there.. just new double expensive stupid MC Mansions are being built all around me… I can barely hear you over the bobcats backhoes and dump trucks

  18. I have a six-figure income, no significant debt, and don't live in a crazy market like CA, but I can't afford a 2-bed house in a halfway-decent neighborhood. To me, that means we're in a bubble and should expect a crash. It's going to be ugly, but a "market correction" is pretty much necessary. Either that, or we need a large increase in supply, but that's not going to happen in our current political regime, which penalizes productivity.

  19. prices have not crashed in Hawaii where the avg home you can get in tx for 200K is 1mil as avg price of housing** So what are YOU Talking about** I now its the same way in san fran nyc and more*

  20. housing prices could absolutely tank and I would still have zero chance of owning one lol, wages will never rise as much as the cost of living does.
    congrats to those who can afford to buy the dip though!

  21. You can't have a crash if there are lines of people wanting to buy. If no one wanted to buy, there would be a crash, but there are lines and lines and lines of buyers still.

  22. As along as BlackRock, Goldman Sachs, Wall Street, BofA and the rich and elite keep propping up Democrats and open borders we can expect to see housing prices sky high. Uncomfortable truth.

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