General Flynn is a FREE MAN – Lawyer explains Appeals Decision – Viva Frei

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Written by Viva Frei


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  2. I hope you read this. 20 years ago maybe longer I was wrapping up college with the intent to go to Cooley Law school I loved long I love everything about law however I started a family and found I didn’t have the time to devote to my studies necessary to be successful in law school I took a different path. When I watch your videos it excites me to a degree that motivates me to go back to law school.

  3. Sullivan is being blackmailed and his chained pulled by obama. Sullivan's name is on the flight log for the "Lolita Express" to "Pedophile Island," courtesy of Jeffrey Epstein who didn't commit suicide. When the rotten egg of corruption and failed Coup d'etat busts all over "SpyGate" and "Pedogate" this dogs are going to be put down by General Barr and John Durham and John Bash and Huber.

  4. Federal District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan was originally made a Judge by Ronald Reagan, elevated to an Appeals Judge by George HW Bush, and then made a Federal Judge by Bill Clinton with all of the US Senate considering him such an obvious and appropriate appointment that they didn't even have a roll call vote. He had a voice vote in the US Senate. Not a single Republican Senator even wanted to record a vote against this guy. He is not an Obama appointed Judge. People trying to tie him to President Obama are just big mouthed idiots. Even a moron could see that. But they are either too stupid or lazy or both.

  5. Flynn, in his own words,
    “I make this statement knowingly and voluntarily and because, I am, in fact, guilty of the crime charged. No threats have been made to me nor am I under the influence of anything that could impede my ability to understand this Statement of the Offense fully. …

    Pursuant to Federal Rule 11, after consulting with my attorneys, I agree and stipulate to this Statement of the Offense, and declare under penalty of perjury that it is true.”

    Annnnnnnnd there's this tasty morsel:
    “I had to fire General Flynn because he lied to the vice president and the F.B.I.”
    – Donald J. Trump

  6. Thanks for the update and analysis. This whole matter has been such an egregious and outrageous violation of Due Process and Equal Protection and a great example of the Leftist double standard and hypocrisy. After being so concerned to keep conservative judges out because they might have a personal belief or 2 of their own, which might affect their judicial decisions, they bring false charges against a man, based on political objectives (in support of the coup against the new leadership), have no evidence to support such charges, illegally coerce the defendant into pleading guilty, then refuse to follow any other procedural laws which mandate the release of Flynn. It is amazing that they apparently have no fear of anyone ever doing the same thing to them. Justice has not yet been served to Sullivan or any other of the players (perpetrators of these violations of our Constitution, -criminal acts) as is usual in these cases, but universal justice may yet prevail! How does this measure up to the release of criminals because of the Wuhan virus?