General Michael Flynn Reveals His $50 Million Lawsuit Against FBI and DOJ | Facts Matter | Trailer

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I sat down with former National Security Director Gen. Michael Flynn to get his opinion on the current state of our union, including the growing immigration and drug problems that are sweeping the nation.

Flynn shares details of the $50 million lawsuit he’s filed against the FBI and the DOJ for their efforts to oust him as the national security adviser under President Donald Trump.

Our discussion concludes with Flynn’s analysis of fifth-generation psychological warfare whereby our enemies are using deception and distraction techniques to reshape the thinking of American citizens away from our traditional values of privacy and independence.


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General Michael Flynn Reveals His $50 Million Lawsuit Against FBI and DOJ | Facts Matter | Trailer
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  1. I sincerely hope he wins his lawsuit against those agencies who maliciously destroyed his life. I would also expect those responsible for this witch hunt to be imprisoned. We love you, General Flynn.

  2. Yes, many have been successfully brainwashed and support communism. They accept what they're told w/o question – it's the way schools work now – don't question, don't think, trust them! Thise ppl are the same sheep that didn't question the vax mandate.

  3. Glad someone is standing up for rights of this country. Pedo bidens administration all need held accountable along with pelosi. Schummer. Schiff. Gates .klaus just to name a few.

  4. What these despicable criminals did to General Flynn was disgusting and the crime of the century and they all need to pay and be locked up for their evil Deeds

  5. I sure hope he gets every bit of a win ! FBI and CIA are both evil ! no integrity whatso ever ! The country needs to get rid of both and start over with real Americans !

  6. Michael Flynn is the last person on earth I want representing freedom in the United States. I hope he doesn’t win a red cent. He’s stolen enough from the American people and helped the administrations responsible for destroying our country while he already made millions he shouldn’t have.

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