Geopolitics of Russia Nord Stream gas pipelines | Europe energy crisis

In this video we’ll learn about the Geopolitics of Russian natural gas pipelines that link Russia and Europe. Will it lead to Europe energy crisis?
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Written by Amit Sengupta


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  1. You are worth of an anti-democracy world.. my advice to you is to become more civilised and learn how much freedom of choice is important. For once try to be open-minded and put yourself on the western side and think of the reality what's going on.. Ukraine is a country or who ever it is- all deserve to live in freedom. I can understand your views on economy but remember you are human as well as everyone on this planet…

  2. sir you don't need to ask if we found the video informative, your videos are always informative. As far as content goes, Russian President must watch this and appoint you his legal, financial and technical advisor.😄

  3. I think you have a mistake here. I believe the turbine being serviced in Canada is not used to generate electricity, but to power a compressor which is flowing gas down Nord steam 1. This is why it is important.

    It is standard to have a duty/standby configuration for compressor stations, for example 3 compressors in total with 2 running and 1 standby. If this is the setup for NS1 then I would expect if one is away being serviced that Russia may have decided they need to run 1 duty, 1 standby and hence the lower flow to Europe.

  4. Thank you for your excellent video. I too fear out of control energy prices, world recession, and increased conflict in Ukraine. But I am puzzled that you promote peace at the expense of Ukrainian sovereignty and democracy. Would you surrender sovereignty for peace if China successfully invaded and wanted to make India a colony? Given how much India suffered under British rule, why would you wish for Ukraine to also suffer under Russian neo-colonialism? Perhaps the prospect of cheap Russian energy makes it easier for you to throw a fellow democracy under the bus.

  5. Zelensly is a bloody criminal
    First he sold his own country to the USA, and so the USA has been using Ukraine for seversl years to create tensions with Russia
    And now Zelensky is using the Ukrainian people as a shield to protect himself, everyday thousands of peoole die just because he refuses to give up his job
    Obviously the USA government pays him a huge amount of money, that's why he really doesn't want to lose his job
    He even made it illegal for Ukrainian men to leave the country together their fsmilies, they must stay in Ukraine to die for Zelensky
    And then the western propaganda make people think that Zelensly is a hero, what a joke…
    This channel is a great source to get the real news about the conflict, because everytime we turn the TV on we hear only lies all the time
    Keep going with your channel sir, we really appreciate your work bringing people the reality of the world 👍

  6. The Europeans should plan on going to the US for winter. Stay 6 months there at the cost of the US government. It's the least the US can do after goading them to poke the bear.

  7. Energy is the oxygen of the EU economy. The western sanctions have the EU camping at Mount Everest 's summit. They are suffocating themselves. Their economies are deteriorating. Are sanctions not blackmail? Are sanctions not targeted to destroy russia's economy…This dance is insane.

  8. Coming trends may have Russia finding new customers to their east that require the resources now being shipped to the NATO members in Northern Europe. There is no persecution when you follow long term business models. The EU still has OPEC in the south to supply NATO with all the products they lose when Russian products become 'unavailable at any price'.

    The US asking OPEC to increase output is comical as the KSA taps are wide open.
    If more OPEC oil and NG is needed Iran and Venezuela have to have all IMF inspired sanctions (US enforced) lifted for a long period of time as that is who their new customers would be.
    As well as supplying Africa what they cannot supply on their own. The 'Right to Return' might see a lot of people that were once 'refugees' being able to go back to their 'homeland' (Africa, Middle-East, Europe would have people leaving) and take the skills they have gained to help the 'first new generation' get a new start that is as painless as possible.
    That would especially apply to intelligent people facing nothing but life in a slum in some dysfunctional city in North America. The next ones that come to mind are the former 'civil servants' that left Afghanistan in a hurry and are now sitting in some tent city at the end of the same runway they came into the US on.

  9. What Stalin failed to do, Putin succeeded. The aggression against Europe that was planned by the Soviet tyrant Stalin in 1941, and only a preemptive strike prevented it from being carried out, another neo-Soviet tyrant Putin put this aggression into practice by attacking Europe [Ukraine] in 2022. This proves the continuity of these two anti-Russian regimes.

  10. Us UK and Europe try to do the tactic that they use in 1991 that tells you how shallow they think how dumb these people are don't they know that Putin was planning so that would not happen again these people have a low IQ or on drugs

  11. Europe is like a girlfriend who just want your money to spend…. Always nagging, complaining, No loyalty 🙄…. The fake ego of Europe and USA has destroyed a beautiful country calledUkraine…. Still rather than stopping war they are giving money to get more weapons…. USA and EU should give billions to Srilanka rather than wasting on war…. USA has completely gone downhill… No wonder china is much stronger… India under Modi is behaving with maturity…..

  12. Rusia is not a third world poor country where they can be easily bully & push around. If you sanction Rusia , definitely Rusia will retaliate. Rusia has nothing to lose ( maybe less revenues) but European will suffer more during winter. Best solutions is negotiate for peace ie Rusia & Ukraine.

  13. Germany could only loose from itself, that is the whole history of Germany, loosing from itself. Germany could now have used the NordStream 2 for as long as NordStream 1 is offline. It isn't the same as using two pipelines, it would just ensure the same ammount of gas coming in at this critical moment. In fact Germany lost when Trump was sanctioning the NordStream 2, long before the conflict in Ukraine. Germany could enter this conflict with two pipelines instead of one.

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