George Bush Takes Prank Phone Call From Russian Comedians

The International Criminal Court may not have caught up with George Bush yet, but a couple of comedian pranksters from Russia recently managed when they placed a phone call to the former President purporting to be Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. In the ensuing conversation Bush made some rather shocking admissions about U.S. foreign policy in Ukraine and provocative actions against Russia.

Jimmy shows how the brief call reveals that other nations should never trust promises made by the United States government.

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  1. The best part, is that this is about the level of “National INTELLIGENCE”, that we have all come to know, and love…

    They actually pinned medal’s on that monster…
    They don’t seem to care about his mental health, or Biden’s…
    Or Pelosi’s, or Feinstein…
    It’s like congress has become the official “Retirement Home” specifically for the wealthy…

  2. I think we have to understand why Russia feels threatened by the spread – especially into Ukraine – of NATO. But the Baker-Gorbachev "promise" in a private discussion seems overblown by Putin. The US was certainly accustomed to varying degrees of promises with the Soviets and some "private assurances" from the president directly at times in an attempt to navigate the cold war in a peaceful but politically acceptable manner. While there were periods of cooperation, US officials were also used to Soviet deceptions in negotiations. So "promises" from a state department official isn't exactly a finalized negotiation of US policy.
    By the time Baker and Bush were in office Russia/USSR was in no position to demand any cessation of American influence in Europe. Communism was a massive failure and the whole world started opening up to a more american way of governance and market structure, while the US had clearly emerged as the sole superpower. It's delusional or disingenuous to claim Gorbachev would expect the US to let the Russians tell them what to do in Europe.

  3. Our Vovan and Lexus are just heroes and our very powerful weapon against lies! They simply undress lying and stupid politicians in front of the camera and show the world how deceitful and vile the policy is directed against Russia! They carefully build a dialogue and as a result, we in Russia understand THAT OUR NEWSPAPER PRAVDA WROTE THE TRUTH!!!!! NOT PROPAGANDA, BUT THE TRUTH! And politicians behave like talkative and boastful jerks!

  4. Jimmy didn't show the best part, how Bush laughed when Zelensky was compared to Monica Levinsky, and how Bush waived at "viva Russia "🤣🤣🤣

  5. "I thought Russia would be more cooperative but Putin changed dramatically."…" Sure we promised NATO wouldn't expand but times change gotta be flexible.."

  6. High chance this is fake. George Bush speaking to any president around the world is breaking multiple norms. Just imagine if Donald trump spoke to Zelensky That would be huge. This will be seen as sabotaging the current executive administration.

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