George Floyd Has Been All but Forgotten Already


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    And those who DO, well, there will be NO ambiguity, and they WOULD be PUNISHED.

  2. Interesting that this is happening when Hillary and Rosenstein are being questioned in the Senate. Does anyone know why the hearings are happening. Another distraction perhaps. Just my opinion.

  3. MOST people out there protesting, rioting, looting don't even know the guys name until they hear it from others, it's the lemming effect. Ask any of them what his age was without looking it up online and they cannot give you a correct answer.. The same people who cannot name all 50 states or know that there are 50 states.
    At this point those people out there now are just scumbag leeches looking for a come up.

  4. We seriously cannot be sharing a society with these rioters and Antifa. They are unstable, violent and full of hate. President Trump must lose the bad advisers and follow his instincts.

  5. There's a "protest" scheduled in my tiny, peaceful, mountain town for Friday afternoon. Our local cops grew up here. We have no black people.
    What point is being made, exactly?

  6. So Styx, was he a "gentle giant"? Or was he a man with a long and distasteful criminal record? Go look it up. Once again, resisted arrest, high at the time, tried to conceal drugs, etc. How about we hear from the woman who had a gun pointed at her stomach by Floyd and his gang while they ransacked her property?
    Deary me, Styx, this video is not going to age well. Disprespecting Floyd's legacy? Are you serious? Ye gods you have swallowed the media lie more than I could ever have imagined. How many times do we have to go through this cycle of media b.s. which is used to race bait before people will finally see the pattern of exploitation?

    It remains to be seen whether Floyd was unlawfully killed, that's a legal process yet to take place, but quit referring to the guy like he was a saint or something.

  7. Thanks Styx, you know what I see on the news in Belgium ( : headline : Maddy Mccann's murderer etc.. fake story all over again, we've all seen the Podesta sketches and the MI5 (or 6) cover-up of this story. Their narrative is failing, all the stories about the riots and Trump have comments disabled. They can't handle it anymore LOL, when are we saying RIP MSM, please soon.

  8. Imagine the trauma the woman who was attacked by Floyd must be going through when she sees him hailed as a hero. Why didn’t they choose a better martyr? Yes what the policeman did was horrible but Floyd was not a good man either

  9. The problem is that the police have to protect us.

    They don't do that anymore. That's the problem.

    8 police officers knock on a little girl 10 YEARS and tease her with lace

    It is insane that no one talks about it.

  10. You know after seeing the funeral of George floyd (which I find rather insulting they're preparading a dead man for political brownie points), I have to say they ruin his memory and all hes gonna be remembered are for the riots. And frankly seeing this happening after I dong know how many times proves a point to me, they changed nothing no matter much they cry about the racism they go and riot and make things worst. They accomplished nothing but heartache to they're own community so good job morons

  11. what's the cop's name?  I forget.  presumed guilty, until proven innocent, I guess.  videos can be misleading- I thought one of the cops was a woman at first.
    it matters what the cop knew then, not what we know now. 
    George was a big guy, muscular [6'4" maybe 6'6"].  reported drunk, acting funny, buying cigarettes.  but already handcuffed. appeared falling down, not angry, 'drunk' [video NYT].
    dumb for cop to then kneel on guy's neck and back, on cement, [see photos] restricting his breathing, for many minutes, cop knowing- 1) there was something wrong with the guy 2) guy was a smoker 3) these days, guy could have covid-19 [he did].  and why not get off him once guy agreed to cooperate? [video NYT]  [maybe cop was posing for social media cameras]
    I agree, we should localize wrongdoing, not globalize.  make it a matter of personal responsibility, not social.  what would I personally do, to stop the cop, if I were there, his colleague in a very risky profession .. ??  .. I did hear a voice on a video saying (something like), "don't you think you've been on him long enough?" [no-one's going to tell me what to do] ..
    just sad. stupid fuck.

  12. Who benefits from small businesses from closing down because of lockdowns followed by riots from so-called "anti-fascists". Big corporations. Who makes trillions of dollars trading on the backs of big corporations. George Soros. Who funds BLM, Antifa and other organizations. George Soros. Who backs Big Tech. George Soros. Who back the Far Left Media. George Soros.
    The DEA agent in movie "Rolling Kansas" said it best. "It's time for us to cut the head off of the Drug Snake"

  13. kellie chauvin is Asian
    Derek worked with George at a club
    George left because the bar he was bouncing at shut down due to the pandemic
    One of the other cops was Asian
    Another was mixed black
    I think the bald cop was white
    George clearly loaded up on drugs before cops pulled him out of the car
    Maybe, just maybe the cop was trying to restrain a fucked up dude and it ended tragically due to bad procedure.
    He has a GUN
    Why kill a guy with a prolonged knee to the neck?
    In broad daylight with people recording
    I call bullshit
    Media ran with it like Trayvon and Rodney King

  14. There are now 87 cops who will be taking early retirement or quitting the Minneapolis PD. Almost all of the applications for employment have been withdrawn. I guess the liberals in Mpls will get what they wanted. A severely unmanned police department. Many of them could get more retirement if they waited 5 years but hey, it’s only money. And far better than doing your job for another 4 years and then being accused of roughing up a black and losing their entire pensions! @styxhexenhammer666

  15. Smh…. I just like that y'all only focusing on George Floyd when there are so many other people of color dying in the same matter or by people who think they are law. Those who truly focus on issues who is protesting as BLM are not same group of people that are looting and rioting. I swear am getting tired of bias media and stupid people who eats up that crap.