George Soros Foundation Denies Funding Violent Protests- “It Wasn’t Me”

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Ephesians 6

Written by Zoon Politikon

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  1. I no longer believe that you aren't agenda driven.EDIT.(sorry.. You're cool lol) Conservatism is neofascist coup. The war on drug was Nixon, not a democrat. His staffers are on record saying it was done to arrest black people. I don't know you're a liar or there's that many things you choose not to know, but you're spreading ignorance. Ignorance is being used to spread hate.,

  2. Outside autozone on day one, a man with an umbrella and hammer started all the destruction. His face is on video. He looks exactly like a specific st paul cop. It's not hard to find

  3. Nixon signed permanent debt currency. Then he jacks up the weapons budget. They borrow in our name to increase the currency, and throw it out the window so regular people never touch it. It increases the value of manufacturers stocks. The investor class is permanently protected from inflation. And runaway inflation won't touch consumer markers cause we never saw a dime..
    Conservativatism is a bankers coup….

  4. HahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaLOL A globolist "It wasnt me" Hhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  5. Sometimes, I miss the red hair, too. You really had the prettiest red hair.
    The Democrats have been trying to remove Trump from office practically since before he was sworn in. Yet, I think that they will be okay if Trump is re-elected. However, they did try Russiagate, Ukrainegate, and impeachment. But, look at what they used to impeach him. If they had really wanted to remove him from office, they could have used the emoluments clause. But, look at all they have thrown at Trump, just in 2020: A "virus", crashing of the economy, riots, and who knows what else that I have not heard about. I am not a fan of Donald Trump; but, at this moment, I am not a fan of the Democrats either. They can't tell me that they are keeping the economy shut down because of a stupid virus.
    Too many people still believe the official narrative. There are facts that have come out about this thing. There was no reason to deliberately crash the economy. There is no reason everything can't be reopened right now. There is no reason everybody has to still wear masks. This virus is no more deadly than the seasonal flu in a bad season. Read Lockdown Lunacy: the thinking person's guide by J.B. Handley.

  6. Holly, am I wrong in thinking that there are slaves in Libya? Just think if only 10% of the people who are on the streets worldwide now were protesting against slavery in Libya…..

  7. Perhaps someone can remember the journalist who said, "If you want to know what the truth is, it is what a politician is denying." (I.F. Stone?)

  8. It must be very rewarding to George Soros to have become the bogeyman in every fascist’s and proto-fascists head over the entire world. If his family lost in the holocaust could see this I think they would be very pleased. Well done George you have done your family proud.

  9. soooooo Julian Assange could get WORLDWIDE riots…if he was black?this is total set up? I love yr perspectives- but I think??lol?? it may be time to expand yr background "text" ? considering we are in mirror world where facts don't count?TO SHEEPLE&MINIONS? There should be PLANTY of evidence$$$, by looking at stock sell-offs..and purchases-All those biz that Amazon shipping center??town halls etc.-took a big INSURANCE HIT- same as Mandalay stocks-had to be sold…?their GREED knos no bounds?same with stocks..FOLLOW TH3 $$

  10. It’s really sad how oppressive and predatory our whole system is. Hopefully, everyone will eventually wake up and they will refuse to participate in this system any further and start to demand change. Thanks Holly.