Georgia Audit Update – 60% Error Rate In Audit – They Got Caught!!

Georgia Audit Update – 60% Error Rate In Audit – They Got Caught!!

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#az audit #arizona audit #kelli Ward
#az audit #sidney Powell #steve bannon


  1. This story is six days old I’m on YouTube every single day looking for stories like this and I’m just now seeing this for the first time I think that is a crime in itself

  2. ALL election related material should be made public the day after the results are certified. All ballot images by lot lot and county to show the results are open for all to see. These ballots DO NOT have any markings indicating who cast them so no privacy problems exist. The fact that anyone would fight in court to keep these ballots out of sight is evidence that they believe there is something to hide.

  3. So what does it all mean is anything going to happen they seem to be impervious to prosecution and Congress seems to care even less they rigged it , stole it , got away with it and they will do it again because NO ONE CAN DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT the republicans are like sheep in the abattoir and facebook, twitter etc have the stun guns ready for them and anyone who raises it as an issue. bye bye America it was good while it lasted

  4. HA!HA!HA! and you call yourself the real news channels.You found another loony that is ready to fabricate the most ludicrous story.WHY is not the Republican-run State of GEORGIA going to the police with your(proof!)?How stupid do you think your auditors are?

  5. Democrat elite doesn't change. They did this after the Civil War to eliminate black candidates (all republicans) and they got what they wanted, absolute control of all the southern states. Now they have legal control of the USA which they will now try to warp into the USSA.

  6. Bravo And Thank Goodness for This Man's Efforts in revealing the truth! This is why they had to refuse to provide the Ballot Images to what the Machines Adjusted Fraudulently to give Biden the Ridiculous Votes numbers.

  7. When they get caught cheating they should be banned from having any people run for office for 6 years so if the demoncrats got caught only republicans can run for office for 6 years.