Georgia Fulton County Official Quits Wisconsin Cyber Forensic Audit Gets Massive Push Where’s Biden

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People are coming out of everywhere for Wisconsin also we got some quitters in Fulton County take care and god bless



Hope you enjoy

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Written by Sivaady


  1. How about something on côvìd and fråüdccí's lies and spikes in rêpúblicán states from 70 to 400 in one day. Fear by the fake mainstream media and fæke hospital numbers and schools and now children hospitalations due to variants. And finally vâccinåtiøns and the 3rd shot. Vaxxed people still getting the virus. All because if the funding of gäin of function.

  2. I appreciate when you talk about other States what's going on there I have a very hard time trying to find out any information on YouTube

  3. Hilarious how when the wind kicks up on the political bushfire at home, the international situation goes goes off like a MOAB over biden's head. I keep imagining an oblivious biden holding a news conference and trying to reassure the public that everything is fine while different parts of his body take turns smoldering, then bursting into flames as aids surreptitiously try to extinguish each new outbreak without interrupting the broadcast.

  4. For forensic audit absolutely! The real real question is why are we using the machines in the first place illuminate the machines do not use them any longer.

  5. this what happens when you put your buddy(Biden) in charge of a company(USA) that he's clueless about instead of someone(TRUMP) who knows what they are doing!!!

  6. Yeahhhhhhh end yeahhhhhhh
    In Davenport, Iowa I seen that she was there Mike got 50 states at his cyber symposium How is the most powerful thing I’ve ever seen in my life Mike Lindel did a fabulous job spiritual

  7. Different topics on different issues and situations lead to national and international information…

    The right seems to be afraid ? of the left… But the left has been locking up the right over 4 years now.

    The left do not wait for 7 or 4 years to take action… The right are in the habit of complaining and murmuring about what the left are doing.

    It's like a ? mouse ???? afraid of the ? cat..

    The left are doers and the right are publishers of their evil doings.

    The right are waiting for 22 and 24… While the left are implementing their plans.

    Common sense is really not always common. The left make things happen and the right wait for it to happen to they and their families…

    And all the right will say… We said it.

  8. The people of Wisconsin does not want an idiotic audit just so you can grift a bit longer here on YouTube….
    “Wisconsin deserves better than right-wing extremists pretending to have insight into elections that they lost”