Georgia Guide Stones Monument to Globalism Mostly Peacefully BOMBED


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  1. Nancy Pelosi is PISSED about the Georgia Guide Stones blown up and is accusing Trump of paying former Navy Seals of blowing it up. Pelosi wants Democrats to form a Georgia Guides Stone Committee to investigate Trump.

  2. I don't know if the NSA has the capability to store satellite data at the level of detail to determine who did it. It's possible. That would mean the NSA could solve all kinds of crime cases and missing persons cases, but they are obviously not doing it.

  3. Global government… World Court… So how would this be inclusive considering some countries are cool with torture, beheading, hanging gays and those of other faiths from hindu, Christian, budist, then others want something totally different. We naturally create tribes, from groups with similar interests to research groups etc… Why do you think even on YouTube we call them communities? The garden community, truther community, gaming community, law community… It's just what we do. Each his own and self governing as within the communities you'll find videos exposing improprieties among others within the group… In varying degree, some even totally out of line… Whether they realize it or not, it's the bounds and reigns the group has determined or are negotiating for their ideological real estate. You can't bind and fence the same for all. What comedians may say or do might not be acceptable within the law community, but the law community may equally respect, watch, enjoy and appreciate the comedy community.
    God created us to be unique, his creation has a fingerprint, the best we can represent this is a Mandelbrot zoom video.
    It's the same equation yet keep zooming… You will find clearly groups of similar things you could definitely say would be in a family of like things, yet even those each are distinct and unique, yet there's endless diversity. This is a reflection of how God made us overall, his entire creation, you can find elephant looking shapes in one area and random tree looking things in another, it's just awe inspiring really…
    Who would want to sanitize and force this creativity to fit in boxes?

    Another way I look at things is… I see our time as like a fight against the freedom and waves within analog and the limits and forced constriction of digital. The two are very different. We are being pushed to move from analog to digital. Should we? I see it almost like iron and clay which will not cleave.
    Just some random thoughts to provoke you to think deeper.
    🤔💭💯💪😃👍💯God bless!

  4. So let me get this straight, it’s ok to lower the human population because there are ‘too many’ of us, but when there are too many feral pigs for example, and if we don’t hunt them they’ll do untold damage to an environment that’s not ok. Makes perfect sense only if you follow covid “logic.”

  5. Poor poor limp towards a statue got blown up and wrecked but they were burning down cities and blowing up our statues and demolishing ours and that's acceptable

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