Georgia Has NEW Video PROVING Shenanigans, The Election ISN’T OVER Yet

Tim, Ian, and Lydia host friend and fellow YouTuber Luke Rudkowski to discuss the recent video from Georgian elections that appears to show a woman introducing more ballots to be counted after everyone else is gone.

Guest: Luke Rudkowski (@LukeWeAreChange on Twitter, @WeAreChange on YouTube)

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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. People seem to forget DNC chair admitted they rigged 2016 primaries. Why would they be surprised if Dems wouldn’t rig 2020 election after four years of trying to oust Trump from office. People are naive. Don’t people see how deceptive MSM is? It’s just a matter of proving “widespread fraud”. But what if government itself is perpetrator. Why would people be surprised if courts are compromised. This is why civil war might happen. And now that so many people are aware of the blatant fraud, Pandora’s box is open. Biden will never be considered legitimate. I’m sure the real smoking guns are yet to come. We are witnessing theater. Trump will win re-election.

  2. Well, I do think Trump is an irredeemable piece of shit, but if this is true then it's still super fucked up. Trump or not, fair elections are the first basic step for a functioning democracy.

  3. Schultz was also woman who was in middle of Awan brothers scandal,that was white washed away,couldn't have a scandal involving foreigners illegally accessing dem Congress peoples computers,after Wikileaks and Hillarys emails,not to mention her other email scandal,when you're trying to say Trump colluded with Russians

  4. Ian really needs to STFU. He's that guy that thinks overselling "skepticism" makes him smart. He adds nothing to the show and largely just derails it with galaxy brain takes and mumbling about sugar.

  5. It was ballot stuffing. And they demonstrated how easy it was to do. Every location we can assume now that closed down but kept counting without supervision was ballot stuffing.

  6. I knew the dems were up to something when I realized that Biden wasn’t campaigning.

    There’s a great fiction book from 1959 called “Alas, Babylon” about an international incident that culminates in nuclear war between Russia and the US. When a US Navy fighter jet enforcing a no-fly zone inadvertently destroys a munitions Depot in Soviet port city, Moscow goes completely silent.
    The main character knows what’s coming and states the Axiom “when someone’s not talking, they’re acting.”

    All the time spent by Joe and the Democrats doing nothing while at the same time the polls said he was going to win and every higher-up being so confident in the same thing had me really uneasy. Now I’m convinced my gut was right.

  7. The left is claiming that nothing happened out of the norm here and thise where just ballots waiting to be counted like any others.

    My big questions are, if so…

    1) why have thise ballots separated from the other ballots waiting to be counted .
    2) why count anything while one side poll watchers where all told it was stopping for the day and they left.

    Even if what the left says is true, you have to be extra-special stupid to do it like that. Its just begging for challenges and court intervention.

    occam's razor… simplest answer is usually the correct one.

    Simplest answer here is something shady was going on and they tried to hide it.

  8. I think it was obvious from that morning, biden came back from 10-16% with anywhere from 60-84% reporting in 4 different states magically while everyone slept. Any other election those states would of been called, yet they weren't because they had biden ballots hidden under the table waiting for the end so they could fix the election. Disgusting and i bet nothing will be done about it. I don't think there will be as many voters next time if nothing is done about this. They will have killed any faith in their system working.

  9. Unless there is real evidence of voter fraud we need to give this up and accept the results. We’re proving them right by contesting the results over and over

  10. The thing is- they're so brazen about it and know they can get away with it. 2 clear examples- Epstein "suicide", and Seth Rich "robbery". No serious investigations, no consequences. To the DNC/deep state, stealing an election is kindergarten stuff. But at least Trump opened some people's eyes to how pervasive and powerful the deep state/swamp really is.