Georgia Hearing on 2020 Election Fraud (Live)

Written by Elizabeth Farah


  1. Some solid testimony there today!
    Just some simple facts I’ve observed and compiled through my interests and passion on what’s going on ->
    The betting odds in favor of Trump winning were -775 or 88.5% before a few states in question in abnormal fashion all of a sudden stopped counting. Then we saw spikes in 95% + Biden votes, and by the 10s of thousands of only Biden (without down-ticket candidates) with magnitudes, which are statistically very improbable & some cases physically impossible in that time frame. Take in all the sentiment + behavioral abnormalities & I’d have to put at a minimum, a 95% chance there was massive fraud which occurred. If anyone knows anything about statistics and Bayesian probabilities, then it would be very difficult to at least not demand a proper audit. There are many other layers of factors of very improbable results ( ) which can be added in, to further conclude a 99% chance, that I personally hold in estimation of massive fraud occurring. If a person is honest & loves the values of truth & transparency, then I would hope that they too would want to investigate and get to the bottom of things. We are not the enemies of each other. We have been played and pitted against one another in a divide & conquer scheme in order to benefit those establishment entities which benefit the most from a populous against each other. I hope everyone wakes up to what’s going on, before the grip on power with those in position goes too far. Look at what they do to truth revealers such as Assange and Snowden!

  2. Who is the rottweiler with lipstick that has such a closed mind that she cant even contemplate that theres been fraud committed in her state?? Lol she even dismissed the video evidence as having already been debunked ……..when no one had even viewed it prior to the hearing ??? I wonder how many favours she owes that she is prepared to expose her complete and utter lack of critical thinking skills ???

  3. Hmmm makes you wonder if what they said about the CEO of Facebook is he the one that is taking peoples vote away and that is why it is coming back we mailed you a absentee ballot cause he can get our address off of Facebook!! I cried when I saw the people outside rallying cause this isn’t right at all!! This is soooo wrong and it just hurts soooo bad that we are having our rights and all our rights stripped from under us. This is soooo sad!! This has showed sooo much fraud and in sooo many ways!! That is why the clerk never got back with that one young lady cause she didn’t want to tell her it was Mark Zuckerburg or his group of demons!! I am sorry this just hurts sooo bad!! People stood in lines for hours and hours and there are some legislatures that won’t do nothing about it. I am talking about the ones in Michigan!! It is sooo sad!! That lady with the blondish brown hair must of gotten some of the 350 million dollars!! People in Georgia need to duct tape her mouth shut and get her out of there!!!


  5. The witness to Voter Fraud and the Videos of illegal activity is OVERWHELMING. There is no way this election can be called for Biden/Harris. So sick of the Media hiding ALL of these testimonies, much less being Biased and taking a side and not just showing the testimonies and letting the American public make up their OWN minds on if Voter Fraud took place.

  6. How secure were the Dominion voting machines ??? Listen to the Military Cyber Security expert At 1:13:00 to 1:14:15 "The guys at DEFCON can hack into the machines in 2 minutes, and Elementary School Children can hack in, in around 7 minutes"….. how do I know he's right ???……because I'm also in Cyber Security, forensics, and worked for US DoD, and this year was at DEFCON checking out the Voting Village, and YES, those guys can hack some of those machines in 2 minutes. Here's therir twitter feed
    And their YouTube Playlist…
    And to the people saying "Why can't paper ballot recounts be relied upon ???"….. He gives the perfect answer at 1:19:00 to 1:25:00

  7. The Dem woman with the Blue mask ( Senator Parent ) at 6:00:00 is COMPLETELY CLUELESS, she's spinning the truth that was told by multiple witnesses. I think she's having a "Alice in Wonderland moment" !!! She says the "Monitor" was there, yes he was there…….off in a corner playing with his phone for HOURS WITHOUT watching the counting AT ALL !!! She seems to have FORGOTTEN the FACT that the Secretary of States own workers told people to leave for the day, and then pulled out 3 black ballot boxes ( 6000 votes in EACH BOX ), and started counting them with NO OBSERVERS PRESENT !!! How convienent that she forgot to "Explain" that one. This goofy B**CH even tried to spin the 18 or 20 year old that was voting in her 2nd election ever, and then found out that someone had used her name and voted for her…..with this goofy B**CH telling the committee that the girl didn't know how to register, and then she tries to spin the 20 year poll worker, by telling the committee that she didn't know how to do her job !!!……give it up Parent, YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND S**T, EVEN AFTER IT BEEN EXPLAINED TO YOU MULTIPLE TIMES IN A ROW BY MULTIPLE PEOPLE !!! The whole world+dog knows this FRAUD happened, and WE AREN'T ABOUT TO LET IT DROP !!! Parent says that "These people don't know the elections process in GA", Lady, I think IT's YOU WHO DOESN"T KNOW THE ELECTIONS PROCESS IN GA !!!! She also says the "Counts Matched", but again what she fails to mention is that the Military Cyber Security guy, already explained to her+world, that recounting or "final count match" doesn't mean S**T, because unless you do a FORENSIC AUDIT under special scanner or Microscope of EACH BALLOT, you CANNOT TELL THE FRAUDULENT ( Read Xeroxed ) BALLOTS FROM THE LEGIT BALLOTS, she and all the committee members heard this, but of course, she tries to spin that one as well, to make it seem like "Everything's just fine" with the counting and election. She's simply ignoring the Truth.