Georgia Judge Coward Ruling On Audit, Maricopa County Problems , Detroit Arrest 3 Election Workers

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*Disclaimer* — In no way do I claim or condone that the 2020 Presidential Election was stolen or misrepresented I just give my opinions and thoughts of media and news sources coverage of topics and practices I continue to educate myself daily on election procedures and safeguards Congress has certified Joe Biden as the 46th President Of The United States Of America And I in no way attempt to say otherwise or try and get others to believe otherwise topics are chosen carefully and I follow all guidelines and terms thank you.

Written by Sivaady


  1. The fact that you can't use the word fraud, garland gets screwed by this paid for judge, now they are going after the American first women that put together the rallies on the 6th. These women had nothing to do with what happened @ the capital, they didn't even go to the capital or told anyone else to go to the capital. Anything Trump they are going after, they are trying to create a civil war. I know im getting fed up, where is all our reps in the congress, and the Senate saying this is enough!!!!

  2. I hope the Treasury Department and the Secret Service are a lot more interested in the integrity of our currency than these Governors, Attorneys General and Judges are about the security of our ballots and our election process.

    Every bill of currency issued has its own serial number along with numerous other measure to prevent forgery. Why not our ballots and the chain of custody that they travel through?

    One can only wonder how long it's going to be before China starts issuing our currency like they did ballots in 2020. Maybe they already are. How would we know for sure?

  3. I could've predicted a "nothing burger" with everything because judges will not assist anybody trying to dissipate the rule of law that their career has been based on. If another form of government is created then all of their schooling & tuition would be equivalent to a nothing burger deeming them not qualified to practice the new rule of law. We expect them to cancel themselves.

  4. This judge is ridiculous and coward. He got paid off by Soros, fake book. He's supposed to work for people but failed to do so. Let him go to GITMO. We're waiting for judgement from God. No one can stop it.

  5. SIV !! Oh No !!! Can't believe this S*** !!
    They don't wanna admit there's serious problems !! Thanks for the bad news..😆
    But seriously ' Thank You !👍🇺🇲🙏❤🤍💙

  6. All talk…no congressional repRepublicans saying nothing….that's the shame….its should tell all the Republican voters not to waste your time because nothing has changed…garbage in garbage out….the swamp wins…STOP ELECTING RINOS

  7. It does not matter what our patriots do, the judges and the Rhinos just ignore it and kick it down the road

    Mass protest is the only way to go

  8. Yes why did the judge take 9 months to decide that.
    I think that someone got to that judge

    Georgia is so corrupt, even big old Brad admits that some counties are a total mess
    Why not have a full forensic audit of the whole of Georgia!

  9. For years we watched corrupt elections in thrid world countries, and riots in the streets.
    Now it seems that the USA with their dominin machines and judges are worse!
    I hope the UN decides to monitor the 2022 election to make sure its free and fair!
    How embarassing!