Georgia Orders FULL HAND RECOUNT OF ALL VOTES, Texas Lt. Governor Offers $1M For Fraud Evidence

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  1. damn youtube is trying to push that AP news has the right to certify an election. this is the 10th video today it is under and 5 of them had nothing to do with the election.

  2. Hand recounts won't do anything. Mail in ballots have less security features, and have no chain of custody, then you have a serious constitutional crisis already. No names on ballots will go no where.

  3. Multiple sworn affidavits aren't evidence? What about that time a SINGLE sworn affidavit from a guy who was allegedly told, third hand, about a quid pro quo on a phone call, was enough evidence to LAUNCH A FUCKING IMPEACHMENT TRIAL!?

  4. the problem with the recount is that any ballots that came in late and were re-dated or were filled out incorrectly and still passed will get counted again, also any ballots that were discarded incorrectly or nefariously are now lost forever

  5. Tim dew tube is stopping your vids from playing .. they doing the circle trick so you think it buffeting .. but its dew tube . Every vid of yours i try get the same result ….

  6. Will observers be allowed this time? Please say yes. Those observers need to be able to sound an alarm and stop the counting at the first sign that they are being hampered. NO EXCUSES!

  7. All mail in ballots should have their envelope kept to ensure that the vote is legal and conforms to the law. Dems quickly discard them to muddy the waters and prevent these ballots from being challenged. All voting needs to have ID. Even absentee ballots should be signed and witnessed by a Notary, The notary can be reimbursed by the state.

  8. The problem with having a party full of low information idiots is… That you have a party full of low information idiots. Trump has known for months how this was gonna go down. He is always ten steps ahead.

  9. The big thing, in PA, is that the Wolf administration changed election deadlines, not the state legislature, which would be a violation of the US Constitution. The Supreme Court could nullify every mail-in vote that cannot be verified as having been received prior to the original deadline.

  10. youtube are throttling this video, just spinning wait graphic, click to another video, plays fine, try this again, waiting graphic… close browser try again, other videos fine, this one, wait… they DON'T WANT us to watch this!

  11. Hey lets hear about this punk. Ezekiel Emanuel Bidens new advisor. Whats his view on old age.An Oncologist, bioethicist. Sounds kinda Creepy maybe hooked on death. These shallow thinkers will have us living just until 50 then we'll become , some form of salable organic matter.