Georgia Says There WILL BE A RECOUNT, Democrats Call Biden President-Elect, Trump REFUSES To Concede

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  1. A recount. GOOD. AND THIS TIME, DON'T COUNT THE FRAUDULENT BALLOTS. This must be done with BIPARTISAN SCRUTINY as required by LAW and each ballot's authenticity must be checked. DO NOT USE THE VOTING MACHINES, they are rigged (why else would the manufacturers use dirty tricks to stall the case against them in court for 4 years?)

  2. Lets say Trump did lose. I can't wait for the next 4 years of a Biden governments incompetence and the MSM holding them to account to the same extremes they have to the Trump administration.

  3. Everyone seems to forget Biden's alleged oversight of the wrongful targeting and prosecution of General Flynn. His oversight of the law is what should be the most worrying, "find me the man and ill find a way to prosecute"

  4. At some point, big tech/social media companies and their "stepping on the scales" against 1 party has to be addressed…or we may not come out of this tailspin wh headed toward civil war where america gets broken in ways we cant fix…while neimg censored and fact checked by our opponents…yeah, this " coming together" thing may be forever gone…thanks google, FB etc etc etc
    Wonder what the founding fathers would do if they were here..??

  5. If Trump loses this fight, the US will face true tyranny, and the Western World will have thoroughly fallen to Socialism, 30 years after the fall of the Soviet Union.

  6. Tim you dirty little fence sitter! Stop playing into the whole "Trump is chaos, All conflicts are bad" narrative! If something is improper then it needs to be challenged, we cannot get "peace" by burying our collective heads In the sand, it's the demoncrats who were creating chaos around their political opponents, do you really think "Someone without the demeanors of trump" will get any day of rest in power? NO! Remember what they did to Kavanaugh? If there's no problem with the candidate, they'll just Create a problem! Trump was only able to win because he was Trump, your "Dream Candidate" won't even get a nomination!

  7. Tim, maybe you didn't really feel the pain of the incredibly stagnant Obama economy. But many did, and they don't want to return to those days. On the other hand, maybe you will feel some pain when Dems take no action against big tech, and instead encourage them to censor ever more. Sorry, but this is not a com si com sa situation. Big tech in particular is a real and rapidly growing threat, especially when AI is becoming stronger each day. If more lockdowns are mandated, many will die (it is well established that lockdowns, and the attendant economic/social disruption, gravely increase mortality). Of course they will rule subtly by fear, with everyone knowing that burning cities will result if things don't go their way, since they of course will take no action to protect ordinary citizens. This, more than any election in my life, is truly no laughing matter.

  8. This was stolen and even my famiky and freinds who voted for Biden said something seems off. All of us agreed we would rather see our candidate lose then to have every trust in the institution gone. Some mayor fuckery around this one.
    Also Tim as a gun owner you sure as hell should be concerned. RINOS, Dems, and Biden would push to make every gun you own contraband needing special approval (NFA TAX STAMP) except maybe a 22 with non detachable mag.

  9. Tim these lunatics chant "no justice, no peace" when you know they aren't fighting for justice
    You speak of real justice, but your chant is "no justice, I laugh"

  10. Why did dem votes not spike/surge in downbalot races on same tickets?!.!.! You mean to "tell me the vote blue no matter who" didnt happen in the "fiddly" areas, just BIDEN? Compare it to other districts in other states, down ballot race votes match up for top office votes, there is a trend. Trend broken in these dodgy contested states. A real vote for biden woulda came with many more votes for dems running for lesser offices/seats. Numbers are DISCONNECTED indicating FRAUD.

  11. You sound clueless and naive in this video, Tim. 30 states use the DOMINION software that flipped 6,000 votes in Michigan. All of the swing states. Stop being an ass-kisser and fence mender, this is MASSIVE vote stealing. sedition and treason are crimes that include life in Prison and hanging. You will " give them a chance?" WTF is wrong with you?

  12. I have to disagree with you if you think that we will be going back to the days of Obama if biden wins. America is not in the same place as it was during Obama, The Culture war is so crazy now and Biden's VP well you have done vids about her in the past. Also I don't think Biden will be Pres for long either due to Health, Mental health, the Dems will have him removed soon enough and have Harris as Pres.

  13. Trump you lost. Lawyers cant help you . Pack your shit you are LEAVING. Smiling Joe has the helm now and the ship is finally going to be under control.

  14. Tim, you're an idiot. Yes, there's a balance because of the house and senate.
    People don't care. The sheer mass of blatant voter fraud is to far. No more. No fucking more.
    Enough of the establishment. This is the republican version of "burn it all down."
    Funny how little violence is happening because of it, isn't it?

    If you want peace though, give it up. I think everyone knows that it won't happen at this point. The rift is to wide, and the media and the left's to blame for inciting it. You have said it yourself. The republicans haven't changed. The left's jumped off an ideological cliff.

  15. Always insightful, but I think Tim is understating circumstance by implying a “return to normal” — the pre-Trump norm. This time, Democrats will actively make it impossible for any effective opposition in the future. It WILL be “back to normal” in that the IRS and law enforcement will be used as punitive shock troops. The active collaboration of government, media, and culture will entrench a leftist course that radically alters our system of government, and indoctrination and cancel culture will rule the day. In the end, it will be “socialism” Venezuela style.

  16. The problem with conservatives is that we accept everything peacefully the faked a pandemic caused race wars and riots and we stood back and did nothing and we thought we were going to have to fair election smh

  17. He is. They have been conspiring against him since day one! You are off track Tim. He is right. Democrats have been doing this for a long time, this is their pinnacle. No way.

  18. The problem is our government has been run by criminals for decades. Oppressive, thieving criminals in every agency and at all levels. Clinton, Biden, Clapper, Brennan, Comey, all committed crimes in PUBLIC in front of us for which our friends have SERVED TIME, lost their jobs, etc. Epstein DIDN'T kill himself.

  19. You think Trump is a run of the mill human? There are others? Good luck with that. We haven't had a Trump ever before in my lifetime. I doubt this nation has seen one since George Washington. No, this election was the turning point. Under Biden the Banksters will gain additional power to legally TAKE everything you have (and their power already is astounding!).