German government release figures on serious adverse reactions to Covid vaccine | Dr Clare Craig

‘These are the serious tip of the iceberg stories.’

Diagnostic Pathologist Dr Clare Craig joins Mark Steyn to discuss the German government releasing figures on serious adverse reactions to the Covid vaccine.

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  1. Only 838 of over 11million+ people in Haiti died from Covid, yet we all were saying that poor country, waiting months and months without being able to get vaccines. What have we learned?

  2. My brother got a blood clot in his arm after the jab and then got bladder cancer and had to have his bladder and prostate removed. His stepson got a blood clot in his neck with stroke-like symptoms. Neither of them connected the dots.

  3. Was forced to take the jab or no job. I have never been so sick in my life. I could not get out of bed to pick up the phone an call an ambulance.
    Good way to lose weight though

  4. Clinical trials were undertaken. If anyone thinks that govt scientists or independent scientists are so easily deceived needs a brain booster. The science is quite clear. Post vaccination reduction in hospitalization and death is proven. There is no other interpretation.
    Variants offer increasing challenges and indeed seem to be more adept at bypassing the effectiveness of existing vaccines. The hospitals were full of anti vaxers which is how it should be from an evolutionary perspective. Equally if you’re only data set is Israeli v Palestinians then I smell a rat. I’m allergic to penicillin as are many millions of people but would you ban penicillin because of a few million when it’s saved the lives of billions? A stupid conversation about a stupid left wing publication that has no credibility.

  5. In the meantime, doctors in the USA are encouraging parents with 1 year old by saying 6 months to 5 years old are now ok to take vaccine. Why can't they wait? The real science is to take enough time to see the outcomes of the vaccine. Many are rushing to ER for SOB, and chest pain.

  6. I think the vaccinated should be denied hospital beds should they get sick form the jab. I look at it now as death of the ignorant sheep that turned on people over an experimental vaccine. Let em go – treat them as they treated the unvaccinated

  7. I also refused to get that shot.
    I have heard alot of crap about it. I did get covid 2 times two different version of the virus .I made it .so did my long term boyfriend.
    Everyone we know but about 5 who go the shot all ended up with covid as well and were sicker than we were who went with out the shot .
    Navy medical told my marine son that the ones who got the shot in his experience got covid had the worst cases the people who did not get the shot fared better

  8. Can no one remember Biden’s response to that news presenter/interviewer??? “What you’ve had the vaccine are you okay man I mean are you feeling okay oh never mind yeah yeah good”😅😂😅

  9. Maybe it's best for these individuals to get the vacinnes as this is now natural selection and these individuals need a Darwin award.

  10. The people pushing the temporary symptom suppression shot are not entirely human.
    There is no vaccine for covid so pls stop saying there is, it's all mental warfare.

  11. It’s beyond the pale that what was a conspiracy theory, motive to be cancelled and potentially charged in some countries is now being investigated as potentially harmful to our health and has long term effects. It criminal and worthy of a Nuremberg trial.

  12. Did you forget that the Imperial Colleges Data Metrics at the Beginning of the Pandemic was proven to be fraudulent!!!! The authorities responsible for fabricating the Data to promote the Pandemic and Vaccines must be arrested, prosecuted for Nuremberg Code Violation, and given the maximum punishment under law!

  13. After my thhird booster jab I had a heart attack even though I was always told by the N.H.S.that my heart was strong, had a strong beat> I had to undergo a quadruple heart bypass operation and am now like an old man.

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