German Intelligence Runs Hundred Of Fake Right-Wing Accounts

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Written by Romanian TVee


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  1. I thought you might be interested in checking out Emil Cosman's YT channel. He is a U.S> Citizen who immigrated from Romania. Of course, you both (Y'all) have quite different personalities, but I think have allied political outlooks.

  2. In Brasil, "induced crime" is completely prohibited by our courts (brasilian legal language: "flagrante preparado" – I'm not versed in English legal languange). Not prohibited by the legislation so to speak, but it was and is the conclusion of our Justices.

    However, I agree using this tactic to fight corruption – I can not see reason why would we not punish bad public servant caught in their lack of integrety.

    Other crimes, I tend to agree as well.

    But there are some many people against it that I think I might be wrong. I can change my opinion anyway.

  3. This would be funny if it wasn't so serious. There is a clear effort to frame anyone with dissenting views, especially right wingers and conservatives. The FBI instigated, infiltrated Jan 6th; in the UK it's been shown that our security services are wasting far too much time chasing 'right wing extremism' while ignoring the real threats (as I write this Hindus and Muslims in Leicester are baying for each other's blood). And now this. See and pattern here? I do.

  4. The honeypot tactic may be justified against child killers and abusers, but not against people who just happen to have differing political opinions or a different outlook on life. The real test would be if they would use this same tactic against leftwing agitators. Somehow I doubt it.

  5. It is more about politics.
    As you said, there is more demand for right-wing atrocities than supply.
    This is due to the fact that currently the political boogieman (right-wingers) are the only thing that keeps people leaning and voting to the left. If suddenly there is no enemy to point fingers at, they will lose elections. No reason to vote for them anymore.
    The same goes for the climate crisis. It's a fantastic way to beat people into submission, to get their votes and control the narrative.

    In a democracy politicians do what a politician has to do in order to get votes.They don't care about the climate, about left or right, about the well being of the population. As long as they are the one who get all the votes, they are going to be happy.

  6. Its probably a good thing to not be on social media. I've been anti-social for years, and my social life is way more pure, and consistent. I have friends that actually come to my house to hang out.

  7. This is what happened in Ottawa, Canada with the Trucker protests, I watched the livestream videos from when the movement began and it involved children, families and hard working blue collar individuals. Nobody believes that douche Trudeau or his servant in the NDP, Jagmeet. I still remember them running a story on Tamara Lich as some kind of right wing antagonist, only to show a lovely elder Canadian lady who gave her self up upon arrest. That arrest was on video too.

  8. For those that don't know: the police regularly stages or entraps supposed or actual unstable people or people with sadistict tendencies in violent crimes to prop up a) their crime solving counts & b) provide for the public narrative that right-wing extremists are dangerous. This includes the FBI.

  9. I always found this disturbing. These police tactics are only possible because the police is allowed to commit crimes. If the officers and department heads suffer direct consequences this would not be possible.

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