German Public Now PREFER Brexit Britain’s Independent Approach

“Many Europeans Support Independent Vaccine Procurement Rather than EU-Vaccine Procurement for Future Diseases” Redfield and Wilton:

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Written by Michael Heaver


  1. Lets face it you don't have to be much of an economist or medical professor to know a single nation procuring a vacinne deal and rapidly rolling it out is hugely more efficient than 25 nations all trying to agree on funding, contacts & distribution.
    With the most powerful ones tryimg to dictate makes it even worse.

  2. I have always supported Brexit however, I still think it's too soon to assess the economic impact. we could still go downhill. I hope not but, we have not stopped illegal immigrants, there are not enough farm workers to gather our own produce and it will take ages to sort out Northern Ireland. (just my opinion)


  4. The problem they have have on the continent, in addition to the elite opposition which Britain only overcame by skin of your teeth, is the Euro. Just as the pound Sterling was a problem for the national socialists in the north during Indy ref, so the European leavers will struggle to exit the bloc and the currency. Or rather will struggle to give a convincing answer on the question during any referendum. The Scots nationalists lost all credibility on this issue IMO. It’s probably pie in the sky but I wonder could GB offer a prospective leaver use of Sterling during a transition? If not I I can’t see any other leavers no matter how discontented Europeans become.

  5. Complete bullshit. Take it from a German, it is utterly ridiculous to claim that the "German Public Now Prefer" Brexit's approach. As you can see in the video, Michael Heaver uses a singular Bild (that's the equivalent of the Sun) title page from th 24th of February during the vaccine rollout crisis. Hardly "now" in July, hm?

    Is there no end to Brexit lies and decaption, Michael? Can't you deal with reality?

  6. Yes I agree but regarding the borders, we can’t control ours… despite all the promising.
    Thousands have been dumped on us in our NW town ?

  7. Germany and the UK have more in common than any of their southern neighbours. I came to that conclusion 20 years ago when talking to a German whilst watching French airport policemen acting like a bunch of playful children. Far too many of them with little to do which the German explained in France is not unusual as surplus employees don't get laid off due to employment protection.

  8. procurement of experimental gene therapy for everyone whilst in the middle of the largest upwards transfer of wealth in history, is that a good thing?

  9. That is why the EU would have been a far better organization if they had been elected to their positions, and NOT unelected civil " servants'? with massive egos, vanity, and greed, full of their self importance. It will fail, and deserves to fail, as they are loyal to themselves, and not the people.

  10. Total obsession with experimental vax that does not stop you getting or spreadingC19 sowhy are we already being brainwashed into a vax for all future diseases when there are totally siccesful treatments aside from the big pharma profiteering vaxxesthat are causing deaths and injuries.

  11. With Germany we have been the deadliest of enemies and we have become the best of friends. I for one and it looks like the Germans agree prefer to be the best of friends. The EU tends to get in the way.

  12. The Germans cannot become independent… the EU works for them.. lower their currency … German currency would be 10x the euro… already have a 300 billion surplus..mass unemployment and dismal failure… Germany need the EU and the euro.

  13. Germany will succeed whatever their position. They are a strong and ethical working people. Us Brits hate to admit it but they are the powerhouse of Europe – and I voted Brexit. Good luck Germany.

  14. That guy has no clue what it read in the Bild newspaper. It says that the Germans envy Britain for returning to nomaltiy while Germany sticks to the Covid restrictions. Not one word about Brexit. We know very well that the EU is a bid advantage.
    Get over it. YOU ARE OUT. Brexit means Brexit. You are a third country now and has to live with it. STOP COMPLAINING.

  15. I love this channel, but the second I hear the words 'jab', 'vaccine', 'covid' or 'coronavirus', I switch to somewhere – anywhere – else! ?

  16. The EU has stagnated for years with only Germany profiting from large volume car and truck sales, and Ireland Portugal Greece from large bailouts.

  17. I have no expertise in either politics or the economy. I am the one of many who has been labelled as a voter who didn’t know what he was voting for in the referendum. I listened to both sides of the debate and was under no illusion that lies were being told by both factions. I knew that should we vote to leave the EU there would be a period of negotiations, and that any deal could only be finalised after the event and that the outcome, and the countless permutations would have been impossible to be laid out before the referendum, which rubbishes the argument that if we had known what we were voting for we wouldn’t have voted in the manner that we did. My novice and ignorant opinion was right in all aspects and that of the so called enlightened experts was totally wrong.

    1-0 to the backward thinking, uneducated, working class neanderthals who had the temerity to decide what they considered to be in their best interests.

  18. Not much. If anything Brexit has brought the EU closer as seen at the G7. Your vaccine programme took place when GB was in the EMA with its, and the EU's assistance. That is a fact that does not accord to your bullshit brexit makey uppy narrative. Your track and trace failure cost 37 billion, one third of the Britain Annual NHS budget which was pissed against the wall. Yes, the Germans must be going mad wanting to copy Brexit Britain.

  19. No,.. the German public do not prefer the Brexit approach.

    A majority see it for what Brexit actually is:.. a failure.

    A failure for the fishing industry, a failure for the car industry (despite the 100M Sunderland subsidy/bribe), a failure for the financial service industry, for the artists, for the cohesion of the union, for the food standards, for the peace in NI, for the UK's standing in the world, for the NHS/Haulage/construction capacity, for the meat related farming,… etc..

  20. Theres no chance of Germany following suit with the fact that the tory party dont and never have give a toss about the British public at large! Germany appreciate their own people thats the huge difference between a the Germany of old and the present time ??? You sonny are still wet behind the lugs 2 even know or understand what the difference is ? 4 a great start they are organised and steadfast in their own beliefs that are in no way 2 be confused with the insidious tory party that possibly wouldn't have survived if owld Adolf had moved in2 Britain? Something you would have no idea of! hence the water off a ducks back interpretation of what you are mixing up with the brothheeded assumptions that you've hatched in ya tinpot mind !?!?!? Just me opinion without the unacknowledged spin ya put out in what's a comic strip farcical page of rubbish????

  21. Did you brits start the domino effect??? I certainly hope so, us Americans thought it was pretty cool when you all did that vote back in 2016

  22. Do a survey of Remain or Leave the EU and the numbers would be staggering. People want the sovereignty of their own country not travelling Cattle Class whilst being ripped off into the bargain.

  23. At long last the Germans have woken up and hopefully for the sake of the people of Europe, the EU project will be terminated.

  24. UK problem, serious problem, Boris is all talk no do. Thousands entering the country at taxpayers expense. Patel talking hard with no back up from the PM. The EU using illicit methods with the withdrawal agreement and Boris doing absolutely nothing. If this keeps on it will show the UK as having no guts, power, or the will to be be totally independent. Boris shows he is running scared, not a good thing. These numbers are totally irrelevant to the UK and its independence and mean nothing to Brits and couldn't care less if any EU member want to buy their vaccines.

  25. Michael if you stand an English man and German side by side you cannot tell the difference. The difference is in the language. But remember our royal family came from Germany. Our royal family all have German Blood in their veins. .we know this. And accept this . This is part of our history.