German TV Guest Tells TRUTH About The Ukraine War

Anti-war voices are virtually unheard from in most of the U.S. media, and that even includes anyone who suggests that Ukraine is losing the war against Russia and needs to cut its losses and negotiate peace. German television is not quite so restrictive, it turns out, which is why journalist Wolfram Wiemer was allowed to echo these very sentiments during a recent program where he unequivocally insisted that the war was lost and Ukraine must acknowledge that fact and work quickly to find a diplomatic solution before the nation’s losses become even more severe at Russia’s hands.

Jimmy and his panel of The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle and American comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the status of the War in Ukraine and Jimmy’s talents for reading along to spoken German.

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  1. History has shown that it is not good to humiliate Russia.

    Revenge is a dish best served cold and the national dish of Russia is borscht.

    Recent scholarship into the start of WWI suggests that Russia, smarting from its loss to Japan in the Russo-Japanese War, is the country that may be most responsible because Russia mobilized its whole army in response to what was shaping up to be a limited war between Serbia and Austria-Hungary.

    And Russia managed to regain, at the end of WWII, much of the territory it lost at the end of WWI.

  2. I swear the names justin truedo, victoria nuland, chrystia freeland et al we must be living in a video game already, I mean klaus is just too great a villian of hollywood to be real, right? Pyschotic clown world

  3. seems to me that putin has had a clear head through all of this.hes set goals,and achieved them.his popularity has risen.
    hes not about to screw it up with something as stupid as dropping nukes
    besides,no one will EVER drop nukes.that race is pointless,because no one wins/survives. we all know that,but they keep up the fear to enrich the the military industrial complex.

  4. I think the mistake many make is assuming the West wants the war to end. The longer the war goes on the more it bleeds Russia, arms companies make $$$$$$$s and politicians are opening the toy shop and letting their own militaries dream it is Christmas. Of course a lot of Ukrainians and Russians will die or be maimed but nobody is worried about that and Western construction and consulting companies are having wet dreams about all those contracts when it does finally end.

  5. There are still so many people in the US, and other parts of the West, who hate to concede that our criminal rulers have bungled and lost this one.
    They still respect these thugs, and they still buy into the 'team sports' version of politics that pits one faction of American dupes against the other.
    Please People, listen to Mike Pompeo when he told you that they "lie, cheat, and steal." They lie to you, they cheat you, and they steal … from you (as well as the rest of the world). ALL of them.

  6. It always makes me laugh when Americans worry about others dropping nuclear weapons when history shows the only assholes that have done that are the Americans. Ahhhhhh good old facts.

  7. According to WaPo, the US is willing to risk "a global recession and mounting hunger" to continue the war. And as we know, Washington is really the one pulling the strings in Ukraine. Not Zelensky.

  8. Easy counter point, how did the US lose in Vietnam and Afghanistan and make no mistake about it our "withdraws" were losing. No matter how much territory Russia takes a large portion of the Ukrainian population is NEVER going to abide by their rule. Sanctions which for the record if they were having no affect the Russian government wouldnt be bitching about how "illegal" they are every chance they get and wouldnt be turning off gas supplies for "technical reasons" are eventually going to catch up with an economy thats on its last legs. If you dont belive this, just watch the multitude of Russian youtubers out there show how terrible their malls and grocery stores have become and these youtubers all predate the war by a large ammount. Is Ukraine going to win this war in some landslide battle using western weapons, probally not but make no mistake about it they will win this war its just going to take longer than everyone would like.

  9. I couldn't find the original clip in the telegram address in the corner of the video, I can find the clip on YouTube but its without English subtitles. If someone has the link to the original clip that'd be great if ya shared it 👍

  10. The real truth is that the Russian attack on Ukraine was planned! You don't get it! Zelensky, Putin, Trudeau, Macron ….etc. are all part of the WEF! It was their plan all along! Yes the war on Ukraine is real! People are dead and many dispersed! What is the WEF's objective……. THE GREAT RESET! Beacause of this "planned war from both sides" is causing Economic turmoil, Sanctions, deaths=population control! Russia is a powerful military might and yet they can't take Ukraine? Perhaps Putin doesn't want to or told not to! With so many spies, they can't take out Zelensky?? C'mon man, says Biden! This will cause a world wide recession, thus a GREAT RESET, where "you will own nothing and be happy! What really gave up the scam was Trudeau going to Ukraine to collect his $$$ Millions, the same coward who hid from friendly truckers like a scared child, same coward who ran away from protestors in a Surrey dinner to hide but yet he would fly to a war torn country in the "so called" danger zone to meet Zelensky where Billions of $$$ of support & donations are rolling in from around the world! I wonder how much $$$ Putin is getting from this Scam?

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