Germans Report Jimmy Dore To Twitter Police

In Germany, social media platforms are required by law to take action and review accounts that are identified by users as violating terms of service. As a result, Twitter has repeatedly been forced to evaluate tweets posted by Jimmy and then identified as “problematic” by the German user base.

Jimmy and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger discuss certain German people’s compulsion to try to get a comedian banned from Twitter.

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#TheJimmyDoreShow is a hilarious and irreverent take on news, politics and culture featuring Jimmy Dore, a professional stand up comedian, author and podcaster. The show is also broadcast on Pacifica Radio Network stations throughout the country.

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THE JIMMY DORE SHOW is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars.


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  1. Germany has produced Hitler and Klaus Schwab. Enough said. One tried to destroy the world and the other intends to. The United States of Bombing wants to steal resources and kill innocent men, women, and babies. After 50 years of war we only have damaged and dead people to show for it. We killed ourselves.We will reap what we have sowed.

  2. Maybe you should do a report about the militarisation of the police in the EU. Several countries are having joint training exercises, with an intent to support each other in times of social unrest.
    GERMANY is deploying military police on the streets from 1st October. Does this ring a bell?
    Andrej Huko the EU spokesman stated 'they will shut down political meetings and protests and it is very worrying '.
    Who mentioned Nazis?

  3. Germans follow the global Biden's and EU's trend to ban freedom of speech. They are good at denunciation. They do all they can to slavishly obey and please their Master in Washington.

  4. I got a 12 day ban on Twitter unless I deleted a comment, I refused to delete it so I just deleted my whole account and my life has been much more peaceful and better for it. I'm working on deleting facebook, snapchap, and reddit.

  5. But.. isn't any one seeing the elephant in the room.. Twitter isn't a German company, so why would it be that Twitter would need to send out an email because of Germans having a brain fart.. because it says.. Twitter report to J.D.. Twitter is giving the report.. or are they saying there is a report from some one else ?.. to even that aspect, are they bound to then give out any one else's brain fart that their having, that is reported from some one in Germany.. how many people have to make a complaint.. because that is what it should really be a report on… people being cry baby's about their feelings that they haven't got a handle on.

    If I had something like that sent to me.. I would think.. oh there really are some people that can't except certain types of concepts of.. people don't think like you do.. and that they make a point of that they can never think like any one else, or to even undertake the thinking of some other people, that are the ones making the video's in the first place.. would have a sentient idea.. of not following along like sheep.. to the possibility of thinking,, there might be something wrong with all those people that say they have everyone's best interests at heart.. when they show they don't.. just like the people sending out complaints about video's that make that point very clear… not being done for any good reason.. just to be cry baby bitches.

  6. I think if Germans have a problem with any one, then maybe their laws should "only pertain to German people" if on Twitter.. why to any one else that their German laws don't pertain to.. U.S citizens have their own laws.. not from Germany.. possibly why that they say.. don't worry about it.. right at the end of it all.. so that firstly you can worry about it being nonesense without knowing that it actually is.. a fart in the wind.. their blowing smoke for some reason if that it really doesn't matter then why send it.. they really never needed to.. because you not German.
    Could it be that was all done from a certain political party's partner of an NGO, that would have a mailing re rout from Germany to send their complaint from a German email address.. i think that their AI might be working over time to cherry pick cerain video's thatthey then make out are some how a problem .. because do they explicitly say what the problem is, or are they just going their normal rout of no explanation for any thing that they have done to any one.. just like that report that J.D didn't need to really get.

    t looks more like a threat of things to come.. as if to say.. look we already showed that there were complaints to your video's… what would you expect if you get thrown off twitter.

  7. This is censorship-plain and simple. Why can't you interview anyone you want? Back in the days, Malcolm X and the Black Panthers were interviewed live on TV. They would not be interviewed, today, because the US government censor free speech.

  8. IMAGINE .. GERMANY the Industrial Giant of Europe GERMANY the powerhouses of Europe being UKRAINE'S little lap dog whore .. I cannot imagine that, yet that is today's reality .. What a JOKE as someone who lives in Europe to have UKRAINE one of the most CORRUPT gangster banana countries in the world, know for it's Narco Oligarchs and Oragan trafficking, telling EUROPE what to do .. PATHETIC and we have been told we going to get hit financially and we need to just suck it up because it's for UKRAINE.. Who is not in the EU nor in NATO .. I say Ukrainr should go FFF itself and bare that burden on it's own, seeing it CHOSE this war over the already signed and agreed MINSK PEACE DEAL.

  9. Ukraine belongs with Russia. Americans desperately need our money at home for our many homeless, 70,000 drug overdose deaths annually, mass shootings, human trafficking, Climate deaths…., and not given to Ukraine.

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