Germany criminalizes journalist for exposing Ukrainian war crimes

Independent Donetsk-based journalist Alina Lipp of Germany speaks to Max Blumenthal about being prosecuted by the German state for violating new speech codes through her reporting in the breakaway Donetsk Republic. As the only German reporter on the ground in Donetsk, Lipp has exposed Ukrainian forces shelling civilians, attacking a maternity ward, mining harbors, and bombing a granary filled with corn for export. She faces three years in prison if she returns to her home country.

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  1. surely this is an opportunity for Americans who care about real journalism to step up. Financial support is of course not enough but if it would assist a real journalist doing real

    journalism against odds that few of us can imagine. Surely Grayzone could direct supporters to that cause. Beyond of course coverage of the current report. Bravo Grayzone as always.

    Few people may realize that pure financial support is the only reason that the right-wing agenda has appeared to have succeeded in the last 40 years. If one brand – beer, fast food,

    detergent, ball team, whatever sells more product, it 'wins'. Could it be that progressive humanitarian politics is too dense to figure that out?

    After WWII Germans -as well as Europe generally – had to choose between the devil and the deep blue sea. Regrettably Germany and ultimately Europe as a whole chose the former

    and even more regrettably few Germans – or Europeans – today understand that pivotable course of history. It dictated that the Kennedy brothers, MLK, Malcolm X et. al. had to be

    eliminated lest the general public follow their hearts instead of some moronic propaganda advertising jingle. The public is literally swept off its feet by mindless manipulative sweet talk

    because who knows better and cares more, who can truly regret that our men are reduced to slavery and our women to whoring than the custodians of endless fiat wealth?

    If it sells it wins. Your liver is a marketable commodity. Your virtue may be worth than less than nothing.

  2. Stay strong Alina Lipp!❤Thank you for your great work!
    Bleib stark Alina Lipp! Vielen Dank für deine tolle Arbeit! ❤
    Оставайтесь сильными Алина Липп!❤Спасибо за вашу отличную работу!

  3. Thank you so much, Alina. And you too Max. Love to see Max and Aaron kick some ass from the Donbass. Maybe with Alina and Texas Bentley alongside.

  4. About Ukraine: nation created in Lenin's time (not to be confused with the history of the city of Kiev and/or with Kievan Rus & its Rurik dynasty started by Prince Rurik of Novgorod; Novgorod is an ancient Russian city), but only theoretical/administrative terms, since it remained under Russian control in the Soviet era, the conformation of its territory today consists mainly of territories that have historically belonged to the Russians (from the center to the eastern and southern side) and the western side has historically belonged to Poland.

    Important issue about Poland: the h4tred of the Poles towards the Russians is immense and it is they who have partly influenced the western part of Ukraine, this h4tred is historical, since Poland and Russia have had multiple w4rs for several centuries, even the Poles invaded Moscow at some point and were driven out by the Russians (look for the monument to Minin and Pozharsky in Moscow's Red Square). Now if you add this historical h4tred towards Russia with Neo-Naz1 elements (in western Ukraine) that by default relate Russia to the greatest enemy of the Naz1s, that is, the Soviets, who ended up destroying their beloved H1tler, you will have a gigantic anti-Russian national1sm, which the United States has been able to use as a geopolit1cal tool against the Russ1ans.

    On the current crisis: The people of Donbass are ethnic Russians and they did not support the 2014 coup, as those who took control of Kiev (with US backing) are openly xenophob1c against the Russians, they even banned the Russian language in Ukraine, which is the native language of the people living in Donbass. Ethnic Russians have lived in Donbass for several centuries, so at the moment they are defending their families and the lands where they have lived for many generations. People living in Donbass voted in a referendum to gain more autonomy and stay inside Ukraine, the latter being important as it shows that the Western narrative that the Donbass conflict was started by "pro-Russian separat1sts" is not is so true and this was part of the typical western pr0paganda to confuse the world about reality and adapt everything to the western narrative of "it's Russia's fault", I repeat "the people of Donbass did not vote for independence from Ukraine and/or to join Russia, they voted to have more autonomy within Ukraine", in fact this is the basis of the famous Minsk agreements that Kiev and the West refuse to implement (accusing Russia of not complying with them, when Russia does not has obligations in the agreement), and it has to be repeated that the people of Donbass wanted this because they simply never accepted the 2014 coup, which brought to power people who h4te ethnic Russians.

    The Ukrainian army launched an 4ttack on these regions in 2014, moving its entire 4rsenal against the civilians of Donbass, this topic is important since the w4r takes place in the lands of Donbass, therefore civilian v1ctims are always the civilians who live in the Donbass (usually the Western media always interviews Ukrainian civilians living in regions that do not suff3r the real consequences of these w4rs), the people of Donbass won practically all the b4ttles, there were a lot of material on youtube about these b4ttles, where they showed civilians f1ghting aga1nst the Ukrainian army, but youtube has cens0red almost everything. These victories should not really surprise us too much, since the people of Donbass were defend1ng their homes against people who h4te Russians (their ethn1city), any of us would fight with full force if you see that your family is thre4tened by crazy rac1sts that h4te your friends and family, today after all the 4ttacks they have received by Kiev, if they hold a new referendum it is very sure that they will vote to join Russia, they have already seen the true face of the Westerners and of those they control Kiev today.

    It is interesting that the West always supports autonomies when they are initiated within en3my nations: H0ng K0ng in Ch1na, the K*rds in Syr1a, K0s0vo in Serb1a, Ch3chny4 in Russ1a and a long list.
    It is true that Russ1a supports those Russ1ans who live in Donbass, in fact it has more right to do so than the illegal military presence of the Y4nkees in northern Syr1a ("support1ng" the K*rds and steal1ng Syrian oil along the way), the inhabitants from Donbass are ethn1c Russ1ans, they are in lands close to the Russ1an border (secur1ty issue), they have an obvious connection with Russ1an culture and above all they share many family members with Russ1ans, for this reason after 2014 many residents of Donbass have obtained a Russian p4ssport (Russian citizensh1p).

    Possible w4r: If a w4r breaks out between Russ1a and Ukra1ne, it will be when K1ev attacks the Russ1ans living in D0nbass, because Russ1a has said for years that it will intervene with the Russian 4rmy to protect its citizens in any part of the world, including the D0nbass region, some believe that Russia will r0ot out the pr0blem, even reaching K1ev to cle4n up the g0vernment house that is under US c0ntrol. The US n4rrative about a possible Russian 1nvas1on of Ukra1ne is based on this last point, because the Y4nkees know very well that a provocation from K1ev is enough for Russ1a to 1ntervene and the Western med1a will have "pr0of" of the alleged 4ggress1on against the "peaceful" K1ev. The western n4rr4t1ve has always been based on l1es, they are heirs to the Br1t1sh emp1re, experts in this type of str4tegy: ly1ng, caus1ng d1vis1on and succeed1ng.

    The objectives of the Un1ted States: Everything written above explains some symptoms, but not the real cause of the confl1ct and the main objective. As everyone knows, the United States became the hegemon1c world power when Europe was totally destroyed in the Sec0nd W0rld W4r, destruct1on that also extended in Asia, China was the second nation to suffer more hum4n l0sses after the Sov1et Un1on. Therefore today, in a world where Ch1na has managed to 0vertake the United States in terms of GDP-PPP, becoming the first und1sputed w0rld p0wer in economic terms, the United States has no other alternative than to resort to w4r in order to ret4ke the hegem0ny that has been l0sing, a new c0ld w4r is necessary to d3str0y Russia economically and gain full c0ntrol of Western Europe (in ec0nomic and p0litical terms), this will help to c0nfr0nt Ch1na (the Western med1a is already mention1ng Ch1na in this European confl1ct). You have doubts? Just look at what N$TO's first secretary general, Lord Ismay, said, explaining NATO's goal: "to keep the USA in, the Russ1ans out, and the Germ4ns d0wn."
    The US is the one who needs this w4r, that's why the western med1a controlled by the western el1te push this w4r, the Ukrain1ans are just a che4p t0ol for the westerners.

    Now we must write using numbers to avoid western c3ns0rsh1p, long live fr33 w3stern express1on haha.

  5. I don't think it's the German state that makes the pressure on German media. Germany is still occupied by the US army. It would be naive to imagine the secret services of the US don't give orders in German society

  6. The US and UK gov'ts are swamped with corporate and media controlled Zionists. Hegemony is their goal and war is their biggest source of income.

  7. This is also where you go to jail for holocaust denial or anti smtc speech. Yea. I dont care for Nazis, BUT come on, JAIL? Nah, thats facist right there. My Grandpa went to jail for criticizing hitler in public. Why cant these aholes understand they are doing the same thing. The abused becomes the abuser.

  8. I had one asshole shift the goalposts when I showed him Ukraine was mining the ports. It was still Russia's fault, he said, because without Russia's invasion, Ukraine wouldn't have to mine their own ports. It's like some sort of brain parasite

  9. If only 1600 eur got seized it's quite obvious that she got money from a source that is under sanctions.
    And ofcoz the ppl in donetsk that says anything is celebrating.. were there many ppl in Germany during 36-45 NOT celebrating the nazis even though a minority was nazis? No there was not! Bcoz there were very serious consequences!
    And that she calls it a "special operation" is just ridiculous.. that just shows she is a propaganda tool. If u are an independent u don't use the propaganda words of one of the combatants. It's just ridiculous. If she is under risk of punishment then you don't use the word war, but u DEFINITELY DONT use the propaganda word.

  10. Hahahaha "nobody is sensing their journalist here" .. bcoz russia arrests journalist that aren't following their bs, like the law saying 15 yrs in jail for calling it a war. Idiot!

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