Germany Running Out Of Gas Due To Russian Sanctions

Sanctions on Russia were supposed to cripple the Russian economy and force Vladimir Putin to the negotiating table and then out of Ukraine. Unfortunately, the reality has proven quite different, as Russia has responded by restricting distribution of the nation’s natural gas supplies to Europe, leading to shortages and rationing in countries like Germany that are heavily dependent on Russian energy.

Jimmy and his panel of The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the impact the Ukraine War has had on Western Europe.

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  1. We have a new thing in Germany…it's called “delegitimization of the state“… With this, everyone who criticises measures can be “spied “ on..the state might start reading their Emails and their chats…also they already claim that those who will protest in winter, are right wing delegitimizers of the state.

  2. Everyone here in Germany is brainwashed. They think Russia will lose any minute now. Let's see how much longer this illusion can be kept alive.

  3. Hi Jimmy. I'm from Germany and I believe this is exactly what the US wants. To weaken Europe and Russia simultaneously. To gain market shares. So us Germans seem to be even more stupid than everyone else.

  4. Even if the EU stopped all support to Ukraine, lift all sanctions, reopened the pipelines through Ukraine and Poland, authorised Nord Stream 2 and agreed to pay in Roubles, all done today the situation wouldn't improve much anytime soon. Russia has already diverted much of the available gas from Europe to China, other Asian customers and for domestic use.
    We're screwed.

  5. Here in UK 🇬🇧 they keep bull shitting us that our energy bills have skyrocketed due to Russia, we pay the highest energy bills in the whole Europe yet majority of our energy does not even come from Russia.
    We won’t able to afford to pay energy bills this winter, majority refusing to pay … Energy companies profits are sky high yet we are suffering.

  6. A significant part of German industry was based on the concept of buying cheap Russian resources and using them to produce goods with high added value. Well, Germany, let's see how competitive your goods will be now and how it will affect your economy in the coming years

  7. I have solution,Scholz,von der Layen and EU should cancel winter and include it in next 8. anti Russia sanctions package as worst cold in Europe is comming from Siberia and Russian Arctic territory.😉😏

  8. So we use all these pre-texts blaming Putin for crap he wasn't even doing to enable him to actually do bad things as a reaction? We are literally the Wiley Coyote of the world stage.

  9. all those nuclear plants that they closed due to environmental crazies sure would be handy now. the dummies could have at least kept the nuclear plants around until the end of their physical lkife, instead of closing them abruptly due to environmental arrogance.

  10. Unfortunately most Europeans are still lost in the "Russians are evil and must be punished" psychosis as far as I can discern from my viewpoint here in Norway. I suppose people will wake up when they're freezing and hungry. Glad I've got firewood. This is what inevitably happens in a democracy when people become to complacent and start electing idiots for rulers. We've gotten away with it too long already, and the pain will be felt when reality catches up with us in the next few months…

  11. No they believe what they are told on the television. They have no time or energy to truth check or reason the news from MSM thats what makes the big media and that why MSM these pay risers and leisure time. More time more reasoning. Education is another tool make it expensive less people ect you get it.

  12. Guys, you've only told half the story. The second half is worthy of a separate comedy performance. In Russia, the whole country is laughing at the adventures of the turbine.

    So, I'll tell you the story in order. As you know, Gazprom suspended gas supplies in June in connection with the annual maintenance work, according to the contract. The Europeans immediately panicked because they imposed sanctions even on our cats, dogs and trees. They were sure that Putin had taken revenge on them by blocking the valve of the gas pipeline. But no. Gazprom, fulfilling all the terms of the contracts, re-launched the pipeline after the completion of technical work. However, the flow rate was lower than the initial one, because by that time one of the turbines manufactured by Siemens had reached the maintenance period. On June 15, Gazprom announced that it was forced to stop the operation of the Siemens gas turbine engine on the Nord Stream gas pipeline. The turbine was dismantled and shipped to Canada, where the service center is located. In this regard, the flow rate has almost halved.

    Then the most fun part of the story begins.

    Canada quickly carried out all the necessary work to repair the turbine, but refused to return it to Russia, due to sanctions. Ukraine rejoiced. Germany groaned in silence. But at this moment (July 25 or 27) another turbine failed at the same gas station "Portovaya". Accordingly, the gas flow rate was reduced to 20% of the original.

    After that, Germany practically howled and begged Canada to give the turbine to Russia. Ukraine, on the contrary, hysterically declared that it would not tolerate pandering to the aggressor. Robert Habeck (Deputy Prime Minister of Germany) publicly appealed to the Canadian authorities: "We need the capacity of Nord Stream-1 to fill our storage facilities. Filled storage facilities in Germany are important not only for the German market, but also for the European market, and for the security of European supplies." "I will be the first to support further tough EU sanctions measures, but tough sanctions should harm Russia and Putin more than our economy. If for Canada this is a legal question, I want to clarify that I'm asking you to deliver the turbine in Russia, and in Germany "

    About a week after this statement, Germany signaled that Canada had made a positive decision and the turbine would be returned. In order to circumvent their prohibitions, a special resolution was adopted, or to be more precise, a "temporary exception" for Siemens Canada. Jonathan Wilkinson explained the decision by saying that there is a need – "For Germany's access to reliable and affordable energy."

    So, the repaired gas turbine engine was delivered to Germany. But because of the sanctions, it cannot be delivered to Russia. Here we need an explanation. Firstly, Gazprom requires written guarantees that this engine is not under sanctions, which is completely logical and legal, given the circumstances. Without these documents, Russia cannot take the engine. Secondly, the Germans lost the turbine.

    On 1 August , the Cabinet of Ministers of Germany reported that they did not know the "physical location" of the turbine Siemens, which was supposed to arrive in Germany from Canada, and then go to Russia. But at the same time they assured that the turbine had arrived in Germany (Later photos of Scholz next to the turbine appeared in the press. )

    In addition, the transfer of the engine after service through third countries contradicts the terms of Gazprom's contract with Siemens. Therefore there is a possibility that the turbine from Germany have to send back to Canada and from Canada to send to Russia, because it is written in the contract, and given maneuver can be a technical violation.

    By autumn, several more turbines will require repairs. Gazprom does not refuse to fulfill its obligations to supply gas, but cannot provide the necessary flow rate for the technical reasons described above. At the same time, Gazprom is ready to fulfill all its obligations through Nord Stream 2, which is in perfect technical condition.

    However, the launch of the Nord Stream —2 would mean the surrender of Europe to Russia, as Vice-Chancellor and Economy Minister Robert Habek said in an interview with ZDF. "It would be raising the white flag in Germany and Europe. We shouldn't do this," Habek said.

    In addition to raising the white flag, Habek also seems to be worried about German companies that resell Russian gas to proud neighbors such as Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and others. Let me remind you that Germany buys gas at the price of long-term contracts, and sells it at market value. This is what European solidarity looks like.

    At the same time, Russia does not suffer at all from the reduction of supply facilities. It is compensated by an increase in the price on the world market.

    Thus, Europe is sliding back into the Middle Ages, while Russia has not even imposed retaliatory sanctions yet.

    The final curtain! Applause.

  13. Putin will turn it off

    Because I am playing Putin in my head im

    It’s payback for 15,000 Russian troops dead of course he’s gonna do it has 15,000 of his men dead for nothing he’s gonna turn it off he’s gonna make sure he kills 150,000 civilians in Europe I don’t blame him one bit I’m not a Putin lover I know they are the enemy

  14. So fake Tulsi Gabbard is going to be fulling in for Tucker Carlson on his show, i have to give Ana and TYT credit for being the first ones to see through Tulsi Gabbard fake progressive BS and being a fake flip flopper with no real policy stance and substance and going where the money takes her, these are the true FRAUD FAKE politicians and people normal thinking people despise, they find there home to make money fooling the Right just by being anti left they are despicable human beings, SMH

  15. Hello from Russia.
    the whole world is not just the USA and the West.
    the era of the domination of pseudo-democracies is passing.
    a multipolar world before your eyes.

  16. I can only conclude that this is a deliberate policy and is working out just as intended. As a UK citizen I have seen my combined gas end electricity bill go from £44 a month to £122 year on year.

  17. These perverted psychopaths do it on purpose, it's part of their 2030 agenda, 4th industrial revolution and their NWO.

    They have to destroy everything, ruin everyone to install their "You'll own nothing and you'll be "forced to be" happy.

    They are going to create more and more misery until the population will submit and will have no more choice because of the hell they will make us live.

    We are indeed at war, but the enemy is not the one they try to sell us with 24 hours of propaganda.

    It is a war of attrition by the perverted globalist banksters and the shareholders of the stateless multinationals against the people.

  18. You can only have strong stances on issues when you can afford it. Whatever happened to global warming? Well we can’t worry about that now because there is a gas shortage.
    Same is happening here. Gas prices go up to, Biden gets shit about it, Dems fear voters will hold them accountable and before you know it, the Inflation reduction act says DRILL BABY DRILL! Principles are expensive!

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