Germany’s Catastrophic Gas Problem

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Written by RealLifeLore


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  1. I created this video over the past month before the Nord Stream pipeline came under attack via sabotage. Obviously, this is another massive development in this ongoing story, and it is all far from being over. That being said, if you want to view my ongoing coverage of this greater European conflict and Russia's ongoing invasion of Ukraine, you can watch the first 35-minute long coverage of the war that I produced here on Nebula:

    To my European, Ukrainian and German friends and viewers; stay safe, healthy, and vigilant this winter. I sincerely wish you all the best to get through this and I only wish I could do more to help.

  2. What you're saying is that Russia has chosen war and conquest over growth and economic development. The West must work together to provide Europe with power.

  3. Due the recent attack on the Nord stream pipelines, I think that Germany was right in front of exit this whole sanctioning convention, so the Americans reacted accordingly and now Germany is really in a inappropriate position

  4. Man I didn’t know that Trump warned against Germany going forward with that pipeline. I hate to say it, but he was spot on with his remarks. Credit where credit is due I guess.

  5. There are some flaws in your argument. Nuclear plants cannot heat private households in Germany.
    Our electricity gained from natural gas is not a lot. Even if we kept all nuclear power and coal plants running , we'd still have a gas crisis.

  6. A meter or two of sea level rise is a small issue compared with the prospect of freezing during a cold winter, plunging into a crippling and protracted economic crisis, or facing radioactive fallout from a failing would-be dictator looking for a victorious end to the childish tantrum he has pitched on his neighbor's frontier. The result of over zealously pursuing green energy isn't cleaner air, cleaner water, and less severe weather. The result is energy dependence, regional and potentially global conflict, global economic upheaval, and genuine suffering. Germany has made three major blunders that have put them and a whole lot of Europe in this predicament: they shut down their nuclear power stations, they switched from coal electricity to natural gas, and they bought that gas almost exclusively from Russia without a reasonable alternative.

    Mind you Ukraine has the gas resources to supply Germany, as does Israel, but Russia now controls the Ukrainian gas fields following the "annexation" of Crimea and by fomenting discord in Donbass, and by fomenting discord I mean moving in non-Ukranian militants and mercenaries. The timing of Russia's renewed interest corresponds unsurprisingly well with the discovery of oil and gas in Donbass and the Crimean Black Sea. As a global warming denier it makes the whole situation seem that much more pointless and tragic. But we really should be grateful the destruction is only happening in Ukraine. Without a functioning, inexpensive, reliable alternative to hydrocarbon fuels the real option is the starvation of half of the humans on the planet.

  7. 16:18
    You are too kind in assuming that Schröder excepted the deal of becoming head of Nordstream’s AG shareholder committee AFTER he left office.
    This man is the definition of being corrupt.

  8. 36:30 "…even with this ferocious Ukrainian counter-offensive.." – that has regained heavily shelled ground which effectivelly ended lives of most of 30k+ of their troops…
    these are facts from the field, not media propaganda

    stop fueling the war by sending more weapons to Ukraine – they will only (possibly) get those back using diplomacy between EU and Russia (USA don't want or need this calamity to end)

  9. How wonderful. Listening at night to predictions like “apocalyptic recession” in my home country will for sure make me sleep so much better in a moment.

  10. Are your energy figures based on primary energy? If so then they are likely misleading because this is "raw" thermal energy before any conversion losses in the case of fossil fuels, but electricity in the case of renewables. In other words, you may only need 1 TWh of wind power to replace 3 TWh of coal power, because 3 TWh of thermal coal power only produce 1 TWh of electricity.

  11. I've got to say, RLL, you are an incredible content producer. Your modern conflicts series is my go-to for getting an understanding of what is happening or has happened in these events. You do an amazing job of breaking down the factors and events in a way that is both pretty comprehensive and still approachable. Honestly, your content is my best argument for my nebula subscription.

  12. Dang, I'd hate to have only one word for gasoline and gaseous substance. We have pictures about geass (from petrol stations) 6:28, but the vid topic is on the gaseous stuff, typically fossil methane. Ah well.

    On the other hand…. but anyway.

  13. I hope all those that laughed at President Trump when he warned them not to depend on Russia for gas enjoyed their laugh greatly then, because they need to be laughed at now, hopefully while they freeze.

    I feel sorry for the ordinary citizens caught up in this that were wise enough not to laugh: they’re going to suffer a lot from their foolish decision-makers.

  14. You have a great show on this channel and it is very commendable in terms of being so fact based. I suggest stop making it feels like a cheap TV soap opera (which it is not) by your style of emphasizing on numbers in your presentation. You know what I mean, right? Nothing wrong with speaking steadily. It is not going to affect likeablility of the video. Just as an example look at Sabine's style of steady talk and not chaning her tone as much, and it is still very liked.

  15. See why all nations should have been building only Tower cities connected to maglev Trains worldwide? USA capitalists have been violently forcing all nations into capitalism (see ROGUE STATE by Blum), killing millions of people worldwide worldwide.

  16. Present Germany politicians destroyed Germany economy over Ukraine because they failed to stop war or failed to negotiate with Russian before start war . I believed if Germany previous government she was in power war will never start .
    Russian found new market for their energy but Germany can’t get replaced Russia gas anymore.

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