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I am joined by Robbie Barwick from the Australian Citizens Party to discuss a critical policy area, ahead of the new Parliament sitting next week. We want to make sure the politicians are aware of the benefits of a National Postal Bank, and how you can help to raise that awareness.


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Caveat Emptor! Note: this is NOT financial or property advice!!

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  1. you are so naïve. The west does nothing but sell coffee and real estate to each other. Australia has gas, coal galore. But we need workers? TO DO WHAT? Sell coffee and real estate to each other?

  2. No! No to a public bank!

    Just get the govt out of the business of making housing incentives and backing the banks “pillars of society” to creat funds out of thin air and from external creditors.

    Plus, make it law that these drifting pillars of society all have to support regional australia. At least 1 bank available in all regions that once had them or have anpopulation size, or a particular volume of money circulating in the region AND that one bank can serve all “pillars” customers….so servers like a proper friggin pillar

  3. One of the problems is that our politicians are already bought and paid for by the banks. Having a state owned and run bank is a fantastic idea, but the politicians have a vested interest in blocking this from happening. I hope I am wrong. Time will tell.

  4. I feel like your campaign isn't getting covered your idea is still to deep in a hole atm, really need a coat of living protest so government really see our frustration

  5. Government crooks take more fking money , it not just our indpendant business struggling it our two franchise aswell . Anything imported tax to hell by government. $150000 car tax $83000 = $233000 imported

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