Get ready for $3 a liter

Drivers are feeling the pinch when they fill up and across the country, prices are showing no signs of easing. Brisbane is charging some of the steepest rates setting a new record at $2.24 for a litre of unleaded. Melbourne and Sydney aren’t far behind

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  1. Well better cancel the dream of driving around australia in my retirement this rate we won't even be able to afford bread and vegemite let alone lettuce,Phht lettuce that's for rich folk's now

  2. 'Upward pressure'. PC speak for the average Aussie is getting boned. I see Albanese is absent. Expect more of that from him. Whoever voted for him, this is on YOU. You lot are a bunch of sellouts too. Being free a bit too much to handle?

  3. talk about outrages fuel cost , just explain this to me 2012 -2015 petrol was 98 dollars a barrel and fuel was 1.50 dollars at the pump to day the cost is 106 dollars a barrel and 2.24dollars at the pump . Its just another rip off by the multi nationals when they saw big pharma get trillions with covid vax shots so now the other mob want trillions of our money .

  4. This is the insidious way to get people to stay at home and not travel too far away in order to save the planet from so called 'catastrophic climate change.'

  5. And here in western downs where I live, they have changed all red arrows on traffic lights to stay on so you have to sit idle until the lights cycle again, red arrow used to turn off, now nope

  6. Am i the only one who thinks this is the cause of restrictions the government made over the last 3 years? and this is 1 of many ways the government is going to get us to pay for it ?

  7. It called the great shut down, of everything – manufacturing, mining farming and transport. Stock up on your personal reserve. I see a time when we will have no fuel available for 1 to 2 weeks. Which will rocket the price. The reserves of Australia is what is in the tanks of our cars and trucks, a random accident or unexpected shutdown of one or both of our refineries could occur this year.

  8. time to leave the car at home and invest in push bikes. sunny weather applies only and if your boss complains that your always late you request a pay raise or the boss pays for the fuel.
    if not, strike! until they yelled.
    wishful thinking LOL…

  9. since when does a pound equal a dollar , it can be 5 pounds doesn't mean its a dollar in that countries value ,, look at africa ,or russian or american money, all diferent a ruble may get you a snickers bar or 100 rubles,, means nothing

  10. Either that or some high flow injectors an fuel pump to match an start making high proof moonshine or grappa then can play drinking games with the car as in one for me one for you cause there's no law that says can't make ya own booze

  11. My prediction 3 months ago to my friends and family was $3 a litre by the end of the 2022 year… But don't fret guy's…I'm just a self professed conspiracy theorist, so don't listen to me.

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