Get Ready For A Supply Chain Nightmare That Will Absolutely Shock You As Shipping Prices Hit $45,000

It’s official: According to industry insiders, the supply chain nightmare that has been plaguing the United States for the past couple of years is set to remain for the long-term, aggravating shortages and resulting in a historic slowdown in domestic production at the same time retailers grapple with record shipping costs and a weakening consumer demand. Even though many were expecting the crisis to ease now that the health crisis started fading away, experts say that’s not the case at all. In a repeat of the 2021 scenes, thousands of empty containers are piling up at U.S. ports, contributing to five-digit container prices, as well as the worst delivery delays on record, and empty shelves all across the country. In some places, rationing has already begun, and the trend is expected to intensify as we move into the second half of the year.
Approximately 4 million containers are stuck outside ports worldwide as congestion takes a turn for the worse. As analysts with logistics company RBC noted, that’s the perfect recipe for even higher shipping costs. “When ships are scarce, regardless of whether due to an increasing number of vessels queuing at a port or true demand, prices see upward pressure,” they wrote in a report released last week.
In the past twelve months, container costs have risen ten-fold, jumping from $3,000 to $30,000. This year’s shipping interruptions in China and Europe have exacerbated the container shortage and drove prices to unprecedented levels, according to Josh Saffran, director of Plug & Play Tech Center in Rogers. In a separate report released by Morgan Stanley on Monday, analysts said they don’t expect capacity increases until late 2023. They predict that container prices in the spot market could reach up to $47,000 this summer, outlining that as the trucking industry faces labor shortages, that is also going to boost costs and increase delays.
Now that the U.S. economy is facing growing imbalances, supply chain problems are set to trigger a bullwhip effect, explained FreightWaves CEO, Craig Fuller. American consumers are incredibly stressed about the state of the economy and their personal financial security. Record inflation, crashing stock markets, higher interest rates, and growing economic and financial uncertainty are having a dramatic impact on consumer confidence. 
Before U.S. supply chains had been taken over by chaos in 2020, most Americans believed that the phenomenon of product shortages was a problem that only foreign countries had to face, and one they would never experience in their lifetime. But things have changed very rapidly. At this point, millions of consumers are already rushing to stock up, with some saying they’ve never been so stressed out about empty shelves, while others believe that what we’ve gone through so far was just the start.
The cycle of high prices and empty shelves is creating a vicious cycle where many buyers rush to stockpile products at home before they disappear from stores again – a phenomenon that is likely to gain force in the months ahead. In some places, rationing of some food products has already begun.  According to the National Herald, some supermarkets have started rationing flour, sunflower oil, sugar, corn, eggs, milk, dairy products, cleaning supplies, and canned goods due to supply problems. 
So far, most cases of rationing have been concentrated in European countries, but as one could figure it out, it was only a matter of time before it started happening in the United States. This is just another indication that the hour is late, and that things are getting really crazy out there.  Right now, some parts of the country are still experiencing the calm before the chaos. But it’s safe to say that it won’t stay that way for long. So use the time you still have left to prepare wisely because things are rapidly spinning out of control out there.

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  1. If you thought prepers needed anxiety meds, hehehe now you know that it's you who needs denial meds.
    We are hot pepper skrewed (like Carolina reaper pepper hot) and it has not even started. As Mr Epic put it "it's official"

  2. You watch big Joe at NATO and wonder. He is in outer space. He has no clue and many countries laugh at our leadership. This is when wars start. Just like FDR in 1939 when UK ask for help. Our economic status is poor now as policies focus on race and schools teaching CRT and LGBT for all. He in Virginia it is an epidemic. Got an email from our electric provider that price of electricity is going up 1 July. Beginning 1 July, a member who uses 1,000 Kilowatt hours per month will see an estimated monthly increase of $18.85 or 13% compared to their June 2022 bill. A power cost adjustment they call it. Everything is going up. So, we as 70 old seniors, must raise the temp to 81 deg in the house. Cut lights off when not needed. Cook less. No outside lights on.

  3. China gained our trust and became the backbone of our economy. Not for money because clearly they could have charged us more. They did this to gain control so they could crush our economy. Here we are.

  4. What we are currently seeing now is SYMPTON of a condition, to cure this we need to seek out the route CAUSE of that condition, and thereafter treat it by ANY means possible. To treat a problem like the present one it's essential to recognise that it exists in the first place, but the majority of people cannot see this, and thus the symptom persists, even to destruction. Observe therefore in nature, that even tiny 'Carpenter Ants' can bring down mighty oak trees. Peace and Love. ❤️

  5. Nobody can become financially successful over night. They put in background work but we tend to see the finished part. Fear is a dangerous component, hindering us from taking bold steps we need in other to reach our goals.

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  7. Down to greed as usual.. and the consumer suffers… then they suffer because no-one can afford it… vicious circle by the looks of it.

  8. I think this Covid bullshit was taken too far. God there’s a lot of money being lost and made at the same time.
    I’m not going to let this ruin my life.
    Everything has been over exaggerated and turned completely upside down and worst of all, the bullshit became the new truth.
    As modern days humans go, I actually thought we were ready for anything and just smart enough to manage our fiascos without punishing innocent people.
    Greed is going to destroy us in the long run.

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