Get to Canberra: Day Two. How Long Are You Staying? (Camping Ground is Patrick White Terrace)

Edit: Camping Ground is Patrick White Terrace (not Nara Peace Park)

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Written by True Arrow


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  1. AS a Voice of a Veteran I'm proud of the spirit of everyone protesting peacefully . I'm there with you in Spirit from my Submarine here in Qld. We the people need 5 Million Australians to turn the tables of Government .

  2. Do not give up until corrupt Morrison hunt and premiers and lieing health ministers are all in jail for crimes against humanity THEY KNOW WHAt THEY ARE DOING jail awaits them and there families 5his is the only way congrats you are brave strong send food money people support these truckers

  3. MORE!@!!, We need MORE Aussie patriots to get your way to Canberra if you can. Everyone who is now unemployed because of this sham pandemic should make their way to Canberra if it is at all possible, we need to show these totalitarian politicians that we DO NOT WANT our country to become a replica of the CCP occupied China!!!

  4. "Crucially, the legacy media's failure to fairly cover the protest has only given the public more reason to distrust the establishment. This adherence to the narrative, no matter how flimsy, will be it's undoing." The Muck Rack

  5. A small ragged bunch of malcontents, ha ha, we have had our lives completely trashed by these clowns – we asked to be left alone to make our own choices, they chose to impose bad science, very bad policies – they won't listen to us, so we have to make them

  6. Good Australians are losing their jobs their homes and their lives. While the grubs in government give them selves a pay rise. The bastards can no longer get away with this. It's so un Australian to turn your back on your own people.

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