get woke, go broke (literally)


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  1. Oh man. Bout time something made me smile today! It's funny to me how all these woke and alternative lifestyle types are far too busy being angry and broken to actually enjoy the time they have being propped up over everybody else. If they think it's going to be like this forever, they're going to be in for one hell of a surprise. It's basic physics. What goes up must come down. And when you got these Andys out there getting so butthurt over simple questions, well, that balloon ride you all are wasting is about to get popped. Think you're pissed now? Just wait till you wake up and realize that the decades of social groundwork you have laid down to finally be accepted and equal is gone due to extreme pushback from you all going way too far. Way to go, Andy.

  2. May this serve as an example to other companies: By treating one costumer this way, it may open a precedent to treat others the same. It's Gillette all over again… and it's glorious!

  3. I'd like advice on an anti woke bank please. At this point I so pissed off with woke my pendulum has swung to being whatever the max anti worke there is, but I'm not sure exactly what idealogy that might be. Some would say 'Oh that's easy that Fascism' or something but they would simply be proving themselves to be a moron since fascism is socialsm/communism with some minor tweaks about the role of the private sector and whether the powers that be like their own population or not – since woke is essentially hardleft fascism/communism, I'm thinking hard right is basically anarchy and everyone just polices themselves. And probably no banks. OK thanks for the chat guys, I think I'm off to start a garden.

  4. Interesting, I didn't realize ALL of the central banks received bail-outs, I thought it was just US banks! Tax payers in both countries were duped into making the term 'too big to fail' a thing.

  5. Next move will be for Halifax to bring Howard the cheeky banker back to the ads. That'll sort out the situation. I hear Andy is going to write the script. (Howard actually appeared on First Dates, that dating programme with Fred.)

  6. His name is Andy .. says it all. My nephew lives in Taiwan teaching the English Language to students and often is given the honor of giving them an "English" name. They like Steve, Mike .. and ANDY. He says he always attempts to dissaude students from the "Andy" moniker, as "nothing ever good comes from having that name."

  7. I temped at a hyper-woke company. There where lcds on the walls with diversity slogans and they gave out jobs to unprofessional pretentious girls. I looked up their finances and they were floating on a leveraged buyout from a chinese private equity firm. Basically making them an insolvent paid summer camp.

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