Ghislaine Maxwell Cites CLINTON CONNECTION For Shorter Sentence, Says Cellmate PAID To Strangle Her

Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave discuss reported claims from Ghislaine Maxwell that an inmate planned to strangle her in her sleep for money.

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  1. Not one part of me feels sad for her. The countless children victims I’m sure don’t GAF either! How about this channel dig into the clients list instead of this… As for humane? She lacks that

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  3. books of the century: the last Mack standing scriptures mackology 3rd edition/ the king business the boss player association/ the philosophical philosopher presents street life philosophy,

  4. Wahhh wahhh if you do the crime you do the time. Anyone with half a brain knows prison is not a good place, or a place a sane person would want to spend a day, but hey, you did it. Deal with the fall out 🤔😊

  5. Considering everything we already know about the horrors that surround this entire conversation and the various coverups, The empathy and compassion being displayed for Ghislane Maxwell and criminals in general is beyond disgusting. Am done w this zero moral compass trash.
    May you go the way of Di$ney, Cnn & Netflix.

  6. Who cares if she was having painful and degrading searches or whatever. She deserves to be getting lots more of that. She’s lucky she didn’t go directly to the gallows. She was a total monster with those girls and justice must be done.

  7. i find it funny you put so much blame on her and so much dislike for her when she just did hookups. you give no care to the people who actually DID the acts or those who are the real criminals that should matter. so much heartfelt need to punish her when she is the lightest weight criminal in the bunch. I find this weird need to blame her and not those hat did it, very weird. She is bad, but there is dozens of monsters walking around free and confident because ya'll are so focused on her. elon got it right, pretty odd no one talks about the important parts.

  8. It is amusing how she calls what she is going through suffering considering the pain and suffering she put the underage girls she trafficked. Many of those lives were completely destroy forever…. What she is going through is A Six flags ride in comparison.

  9. Please a lawyer can say anything and they do what about all those underage girls give me a break has all the news went insane this is a non story this is why we dont watch the news it totally sucks and it is also totally FAKE go back to your cave

  10. Funny she wants people to feel sorry for how shes getting treated in prison but yet held underage girls against their will and forced them to lay with old rich politicians, the irony!!!

  11. People can lie though, there is no way to know if she’s saying this to get things to work in her favour
    She is in there for very serious crimes.
    She could not have possibly thought prison was going to be okay especially in the US for what she did

  12. Yeah Jeffrey Epstein had 24/7 camera's on him too and they were shut off and we are sure Bill Burr had a lot to do with that after all him and his father had a really strange relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, you guys need to research it.

  13. ✝️
    For I delivered to you first of all that which I also received: that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, and that He was buried, and that He rose again the third day according to the Scriptures,
    I Corinthians 15:3‭-‬4 PTL

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