Ghislaine Maxwell Found GUILTY Of Five Charges. What’s Next For OTHER Alleged Epstein Associates?

Emily Jashinsky, Kim Iversen, and Robby Soave react to a jury finding Ghislaine Maxwell guilty on five charges related to child sex trafficking,

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  1. It sounds like the FBI is sitting on 100s of video tapes of wealthy men and women abusing minors… will they ever follow up? I believe there is soo much more we don't know! I pray it will be revealed! Their crimes against children are so horrific! 😖😖😠

  2. They are just putting her in prison to shut her up. Just like Epstein. They won't let her talk about the CIA or the fact that they use videos and tapes to extort people and acquire powerful human assets.

  3. It’s such a BIG CASES WITH FAMOUS PEOPLE that the SYSTEM will NOT be investigated because it will BRING DOWN THE POWERFUL AND RICH.It’s wrong but a crazy system will save them.

  4. They will never let him to convicted. They will do the same usa does when some of their citizens got legal trouble. Like amanda knox she murdered a young woman, with the assistance of her then fiancee, and magically Hillary shows up in Italy to negotiate her liberation

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