Ghislaine Maxwell Is Even Worse Than Jeffrey Epstein | Tim Black

Ghislaine Maxwell, Associate of Jeffrey Epstein, Is Arrested, FINALLY!

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Written by TBTV

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  1. They are able to find this bitch, dont say where they found her, and how, but in custody, Epstein is dead, and yet, they cant figure out who killed Epstien.

  2. Thank you Tim for saying what no one else in the media has said, these were children…not minors or young women, they are children and the media needs to call it that way. Again, thank you Tim Black for speaking the truth!

  3. Her dad had a history and fell off a yacht ( who knows much about that ?) she seems to have some sick mental issues . Maybe something happened in the past as a child ,she was corrupted. Cheap analysis on my part but it seems incomprehensible. She needs to come clean . All that cash came from multiple big sources . Rumors going around they were involved in the Israeli military ??

  4. I worry nothing gets done because Democrats all are fully involved and Democrat judges are bias and owned they will do little or nothing with this case..Democrat judges go very soft on these sickos

  5. She and Epstien were Israeli intelligence agents blackmailing American political, business, science academic, and media leaders. That's the open secret being obfuscated and hidden by the powers that be.

  6. It would be great to see her rat everyone out! I think they knew Epstein would rat on them. You got to believe government near and far were involved with his death! There's a lot to hide.

  7. Woo hoo, criminals going down. Another one bites the dust. Hey, I notice you Wolf Pack. Please do a video about supporting the wolves in the wild. They are being killed & we need stricter laws to protect the wolf. The wolf is a very important piece of the puzzle to the environment. They keep the ecosystem in balance. Please support the Mexican Wolf population & all the wolves across the globe. Please preach about it . Thank you!!