Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Day 10: Annie Farmer Testifies + The Government Rests Their Case

The US vs Maxwell Trial has officially started and here is my breakdown of day 10.
Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Day 10: Annie Farmer Testifies + The Government Rests Their Case.
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  1. The moves Epstein made in the NYC cinema were met with sufficient resistance to co-opt Ghislaine for the next attempt in New Mexico. There were moves and machinations to deal with all the different methods of resistance or non-acceptance.

  2. Hi Rodeslav, always wondered why nobody ever claimed to fall pregnant to any of these abusers. Well not that we know of. After all wasn"t Jeffrey planning on creating his own army of little Jeffrey"s. They probably had some back yard butcher doctor to take care of issues like that- perhaps* Thanks Rodeslav, keep on keeping on.

  3. What happened to all the images on the hard drives the FBI seized? "The prosecution is only showing select images in court because of time constraints" you said a few episodes ago? They've had these hard drives a long time, are the jury seeing all of the evidence and not us, or are they selectively showing the jury only what they want them to see?

  4. Why does this guy never do video about Julian Assange trial and its implications for humanity. Plus i don’t believe Ghislaine was arrested, jail and is on trial.

  5. I think the prosecution has done a terrible job personally. 2 of the witnesses have already been taken out as ‘victims’ because of their age and most of it has concentrated way too much on Epstein. Why were not more underage victims involved and all the other evidence found included. It was meant to last 6 weeks. Seems weird to me. Think she will be found guilty on some but not all charges but will see what the defence says.

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