Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Tracker Banned On Twitter & Pfizer CEO Says Fourth Dose May Be Needed Soon

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  1. The corruption has gotten so deep they have been installing it for multiple decades. If all the media was held to factual info and charged criminally those involved in it like Soros , Clinton Gates ,Fuaci and so many other politicians and billionaires or lobbyist then the truth would be freed again.

  2. Well the last person that was going to drop the dime on the elitist was Jeffrey Epstean and he managed to hang himself in jail and no one knows anything about anything and the 1 person that was going to tell everything he knew and take everyone down with him to lighten the load on his ass and just so happens he knew something on every billionaire and corrupt politician for the last 30 years. He had ties and their were pictures of him with every corrupt politician up to presidents all the way back to Clinton and Bush Jr. Half of are current politicians to ones that have past to the most powerful richest people in the world.

  3. When I was a kid I remember when we had a thing called hands across America . The people had picked a date to organize a peaceful sign of protest to stop starvation in Africa and it was people that literally almost went from 1 side of America to the other holding hands along the highway that day all people color, religion didn't matter we all came together. The same way as the million man March it was called that because people came together from all over are country to March that day color and religion didn't matter it was the importance and having that date that as a country we showed we could unite under the belief of freedom and equality for all. That is what is going to take just like jan 6th they tried to say they were terrorists but no they were Americans coming together to say enough. That was the same for Woodstock people even walked from the other side of the country not for a few festival that was just the destination and it gave time for more people to come but what it was about was ending the Vietnam War to bring are troops home. We must March and unit against big pharma together so it is no longer a monopoly for profit but open up the right to create medicine which would make us progress and innovate and make all pharma 100% transparent no exceptions at all.

  4. This is a deep state scandal there must be people who are very important within the government who are involved an they don’t want those people exposed this goes deeper than just politicians it must reach the highest levels of power and another thing for the media to tell us what’s going on instead of them having the trial live blows my mind there must be sensitive information in evidence they don’t want out

  5. Because it is a fake story to take your eyes off of the actual real news. Just like all the fake trials on Trump, just like cumo, I could go on all day about the stories that are so important in the news but somehow disappear after the agenda push is over. I'm surprised this is even getting any attention from this awareness site. But your a psychology major so I'm sure you know exactly what you are doing

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