Ghislane Maxwell, BUSTED!. FBI Arrests Epstein’s Alleged Madam

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Ghislane Maxwell, BUSTED!. FBI Arrests Epstein’s Alleged Madam

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Written by Jamarl Thomas

This channel is an honest analysis of the news with a progressive view point without allegiance to anything other than the truth. At least in as far as I can determine based on the evidence present. I won't always be right, but I will always be honest about it.You can support my work by liking, sharing, and commenting on my videos, in addition to joining my Patreon account.I want to thank everyone for their support. It's immensely appreciated, completely humbling, and to some degree totally unanticipated. I just wanted to change the narrative of the prevailing paradigm. This channel allows me to do such. Thank you for the opportunity.


  1. I totally agree Jamarl ! These losers will never face justice like you and I would have to pay. The networks are never broken down and the filth goes on. I’m a catholic mother of 5 and I am
    so sick of this situation. We cannot pass these problems on to the next generation. God please we need help.????
    God bless you and your beautiful wife Jamarl ???????

  2. there will be a lot of rich arses twitching tonight, Prince Andrew better get his story straightened out(not that he would get charged with anything, the crown is well protected)

  3. How much longer do you think she'll still be breathing? Weeks? Days? Who can tell? She's going to need an advance placement in the intensive care ward until trial. For her health.

  4. At least she’s a white woman. Their safety is what the criminal justice system is designed to pro… oh she killed herself? Neat.

  5. Epstein was involved first in CIA drug smuggling and probably kiddie smuggling… it’s a big business. Easy to make the connections from there… oh, and all the taping was a pervert thing and a means to be able to blackmail many people into staying in line. Especially judges, police, representatives, CEO’s.

  6. They should be very watchful of those poor kids in those cages being "sent" back to Mexico….AOC was looking into it and they may have stopped her…

  7. We need to know EXACTLY what procedures every prominent plastic surgeon in the USA (AND in Israel) PERFORMED right after Epstein "died"… THEN we will know WHO some dude in Israel called Mr. Mozoltov (or something like that) with the same height and build as Epstein, but with a very different face, used to be…

    The very same plastic surgeon will be called to "do his duty" on "mysteriously escaped" (a few months from now) Ghislane Maxwell… Have a nice day.

  8. Powerful politicians, judges, HollyWeird celebrities, etc have too much to lose – It will be either bail or "suicide" for JizzLine…

  9. All of Epstein's videos went home with the FBI agents for whacking material. That was the other use of the cameras. It provided customers souvenirs and mementos to relive the fun they had at Epstein's. You would find more videos, if you searched Bill Clinton's residence.

  10. Thanks for reporting Jamarl. Whitney Webb, extraordinary journalist with Mint Press news, has extensive research and reporting on Epstein. Including a 3 hr audio interview with victim, Maria Farmer. Webb connects many dots which include Clinton, Trump, Barr, Richardson, Les Wexler (referenced as the "head of the snake,") Prince Andrew, etc, etc. Webb's Twitter feed highlights that the indictment states Maxwell had sexually assaulted victims but she is not charged with that crime. Webb also warns for all to pay attention to gov actions, not words at a press conference.

  11. The question I ask myself what made her go to NH from the 'sanctity' of her flats in France? Where incidentally there is no extradition possible in her case for a French national? Perhaps she felt too confident in traveling abroad?
    Or perhaps she was enticed to come here and by whom? Too many questions arise

  12. Ghislane will die by violent suicide in her sleep, in the middle of an unexpected power outage, with failed battery backups, because they forgot to test the backups.
    The live steam will miss what us happening due to a pre-recorded loop being played.

  13. Epstein was murdered after Barr visited the jail where he was kept. Connection between Barr's father hiring Epstein at a school in NY where he was principal. No such thing as coincidence.?

  14. It's all economic as you point out. A society without economic hardship AND without significant inequality leaves little room for many kinds of exploitation and oppression.

  15. The only comfort I get out of this is knowing that some parties involved have now got to experience fear like the poor trafficked girls have. Piss be upon the pedos!

  16. All these sick pedos need to be locked up. Just imagine if Bill Clinton had been accused of raping a 13yo girl at Epstein's house and then Epstein "committed suicide" under Clinton's watch as president. So tired of the partisan hacks leaving Trump out of the Epstein scandal ?. The Trumps and Clintons go way back. Let's stop pretending there's any real difference between them. All pure fucking filth! Put 'em on the same chain gang!

  17. Actually…. the best argument that Epstein killed himself is that ms Maxwell did not have a horrific accident before she could be arrested. Anyone so connected to be able to arrange Epstein's demise in such a secure environment would have been more than able to track down ms Maxwell as she was "hiding " openly all around the world.

  18. She will end up dead, or she has already made a deal on the people she can give up. Let's see who starts dying of accidents, heart attacks, covid suicide etc.

  19. I expected them to kill Epstein. I think Maxwell is different. She's higher tier. Maybe someone scared with a lot of money will be able to pull something off, but I don't think the state will killer her. I think the Mossad will use all their pull to get her off with minimal charges.

  20. Kyle reported a story shortly after Epstein's death. A former prisoner of that part of that prison (solitary confinement area, i think) wrote about the likelihood that Epstein committed suicide. He spoke in detail about how the cell's made, how the surveillance works, how often your physically monitored, etc. Then he explained in detail how, with all those things working as they do, there's no possible way to commit suicide at all in that cell. There was a lot about the way the cell's made that makes hanging impossible. You can dig through Kyle Kulinski's videos around Epstein's death to find that info. Besides, I think you'd have to be pretty dumb or naive to think that nothing was going to happen to him before he ever made it to court. Just makes no common sense because it threatened the money and power of too many of the most rich and powerful people. They don't like their unmentionables being mentioned because it creates a very real threat on that money and power.

  21. I want Little Saint James Island, in it's entirety, TURNED OVER to the DEPT. of Interior's US Fish and Wildlife Service so they can turn it into a National Wildlife Refuge where children can go and actually LEARN about the ocean, like Ghislaine claimed she was working for (Ocean Education was her non-profit front). That whole island is a little pearl – it needs to be cleaned up a bit, and all those structures RAzED, some nice interpretive trails, an interpretive ranger station where Epstein's home once was. But most everything else – WIPED OUT.

  22. have we seen a single image of her incarcerated yet…? this secrecy for such a high profile PREDATOR – has GOT to STOP. EVERYone is watching THIS, so where the hell are the perp-walk videos. 24/7 cameras are a basic. EVERYone who has custody of this woman should be held RESPONSIBLE for that video.

  23. no one is even talking about the intelligence angle. and the fact it was a small part of an international child sex trafficking ring. this story will continue to go nowhere

  24. Ghislane Maxwell has been arrested, she is being kept under lock and key in the Penthouse Suit of The Hilton Hotel.
    She is only allowed to leave Her Penthouse on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays for 8 hours and Her personel Limo Driver, Yacht Captain or Private Jet Pilot must return Her before 7PM each evening, except for the 2cnd and 4th Saturday and Suday of each month where She is allowed 'off grid' for the Weekend xD

  25. Come On
    Epstein is just the tip of the iceberg, when the senate appoints a Supreme Court Justice (2) when you count the black one Clarence Thomas – Known in History for his crimes against women

    They Were all taught like Epstine when they were kids.
    Some of them as alter boys …. and most by their Daddy’s who were Abusers
    Like Trump & Putin’s Daddies…

    Epstein is Not Dead – He was transferred to Russian for the death of a homeless person in exchange
    For the Money … This is all about keeping the Pyramid from Collapsing as it is …

    If Anybody was really concern with Epstine & His where a-bouts
    Then Where in the Hell ON Earth are You
    (About Those Children Who Are still in Cages and Young Women who were sold for Adoptions) ?

    You should also be very careful about your Camera Wishes

    Because they Are Already Watching YOU??ME & Everybody Else every moment of each Hour.
    And Everybody Else Who speaks Out …. as Well – Whatever that Means