Ghoul Laughs MANIACALLY When Asked If There Are ANY Plans to Lower Gas Prices

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm thinks it is hilarious that Americans can’t afford the rise in gas prices.

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  1. Had Biden not cancelled the Keystone pipeline and the permits which allowed domestic drilling, we'd be producing our own oil like we did under Trump. We were producing more oil than Saudi Atabia, which is generally the number one oil producer. Ironic she mentions a magic wand. Obama said the same thing in reference to bringing American jobs back from overseas.

  2. I'm more concerned about what she said, the prices are controlled by OPEC the Intergovernmental organization and she use the word "CARTEL" to describe them, instead of pointing out the obvious of her awkard reaction pay attention to HER WORDS.

  3. I mean, shit… it still costs only half as much as in Hungary so comparing that to the salary of the US citizens, in my eyes this still isn't that insane.

    But to talk about the topic of the video, yeah it's insane that someone who's in an important position like her just laughs at a really important question.

  4. Trump has the magic wand this bitch is laughing about . Obama said it would take a magic wand to fix the economy trump did it in four years throw these pedocrats out on their round heads.

  5. To ask the very administration what to do about the very problem they caused and expect a sane response is simply insane! but what would you expect from Bloomberg fake new!!?? LMFAO

  6. isnt it weird that obama talked about manufacturing jobs being brought back to the USA needed a "magic wand"? but trump did it anyways? they make the solutions to the problems they created seem make believe.

  7. man I think you got this one wrong, she was laughing because he made a question that she did know not how to answer, and it is very clear that she does not know, the thing is that she exaggerated it yes, but from my view point she was not trying to demean anything, she just knows for certain that it is in the hands of the oil producers and there is nothing more that she can know/do, I think its a its funny because it is not situation , that is why she is laughing as well

  8. This idiot has no idea how to run anything successful.. she’s just another dimwitted lever pulling swamp donkey picked to do whatever Biden’s bosses want.

  9. If only there was a President could make the US energy independent for the first time in 40 years. If that happened Im sure the US economy would be the best the world had ever seen. I bet he would be praised and loved by all. UNLESS that President wrote mean tweets and was orange in color, of course.

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