Giddy Fake News “Journalists” Run From Biden To See Fireworks Instead of Challenging Him On ANYTHING

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  1. They plan to lose or plan to cheat or plan to attempt a coup? Don't just take the easy road and say they plan to lose because I don't think it is that simple. What do you think the riots are for? What do you think leaders going after leaders is? That's where the coup begins but that isn't where it ends.

  2. Biden isn't evil? Even if he isn't, which he is, the ones BEHIND him are and their the ones who will be really running things if he should manage a coup.

  3. The Dems want the mail-in ballots so they can cheat to win or if Trump wins say he rigged it. The Dems are already setting up the second when they say Trump is removing mailboxes( alot of them are removed do to lack of use or refurbishment).

  4. Their plan is the stimulus checks. You see their one main rule is let Biden win we will allow the checks to happen. Well, it is more voting will be done via mail-in ballots or no checks for us poor folks who need it.

  5. Search google images for "happy American white family" then search for "Happy American Family" Tell me Google is not a political party highly active in throwing the election by hiding public opinion…..

  6. To be fair 80% of the left memes on Trump are just zoomed in gifs/videos of his face when he says something that is comedic and they take it seriously.

  7. Had a meeting with a potential client the other day, very obnoxious and full of himself, emphasized that he was a Doctor (Dr) and thats how he wanted to be addressed. After the meeting and when I realized he was wasting my time, I asked what he practiced or his specialization. He said he was a Professor of journalism, I wanted to punch him, but I thanked him for his time and got up and left…unbelievable.

  8. They are trying to win. With Obama they wanted to see if they could get all the minority vote by just putting up a dark person.

    Now they’re seeing if they can win just with the media propagandizing on their behalf. The voters can’t make an informed decision if they never see him and the media never tell you he did anything wrong.

  9. @Tim – I think the Democrats know that >40% of Americans shouldn't even have a right to vote because they don't do any research themselves. They get their cue cards from Memes and they just look at candidates from aesthetics perspective and never on policy. They bank on that and that's why they trot out celebrities to drive that "influence" wave out.

  10. Sure… Biden may not be evil… But democrats are.

    A vote for Biden is not a vote against evil until Biden disavows the Democrat party.

  11. Does anyone REALLY believe the fireworks were coincidental? Y’all gotta be honest with yourselves, the fireworks were planned as a distraction to give Biden time to make his exit and prevent questions. It’s not JUST journalists, it’s the whole DNC, because they realize he’ll give himself away as a mere puppet once pressed. IF pressed. Which also tells me there will be no debate. President Trump will walk all over him. I could actually feel bad for him.

  12. I don't know about you guys, but a good fireworks show is hard to come by. What I'm I going to do? Not watch the fireworks and stay alone with the creep? That's a double whammy!!!

  13. The goal is with mail-in voting for the counting to take soo long that come the inauguration if no winner has been decided then Nancy Pelosi takes charge?