Gillette Concedes They Got Woke Went Broke, CANCELS Social Justice Ads

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  1. I can see the marketing to less than attractive people, because what you are doing is saying your product can help all people become attractive. Not all people are beautiful. But I hate SJW lectures. There is a difference.

  2. Tom MacDonald said it best, " Name 3 thing fat people can't do, 1) jumping jacks 2) run a mile 3) live past 42" that about sums it up! Instead of speaking the truth, people want to coddle these obese people, to what end? It doesn't help cure the problem, all it does is create another victim! And isn't that what LIBERALISM is all about, thought so!

  3. I immediately stopped and will never buy Gillette products again since their woke adds came up. Neither will my son, who will be shaving soon. Future generations won’t buy their junk again. They showed how they felt about us. Even the CEO was bragging about it. Now they backpedal to get our money. Not happening. I hope the company files bankruptcy soon.

  4. I bought a straight razor. It was expensive and there is a sharp (pun intended) learning curve but this German steel will last long enough for me to leave it to my son when I die. I never have to buy another overpriced, SJW razor again!!

  5. The way this sounds. They lost a lot in Austraila. They wont change their stand in the US. Being a real man is NOT toxic masculinity. When they started this, I went to dollar shave club. Found out their blades were better. Used Gillette for a long as I could remember. Learned Gillette is just a name. With cheep blades that don't last a week. They used to be a good product. Years ago in the 70's and 80's, they had the best blades. Now cheep blades on an popular name. Gillette's biggest mistake with this add? Men learned there are better products out there, and will never go back.

  6. The ad was pretty damn racist too. It was only the white men that were toxic. There's more at play here I think. Some kind of psyop. I find it hard to believe that a company would outright take a dump on their customer base in an advertisement form.

  7. Yep, you already blew your shot at us. I'm curious about who it was at Gillette that proposed this originally as a good idea and how it got green lighted the rest of the way. I just imagine a bunch of soy boys, toxic feminists or overly "woke" liberals. Man, I hate even using the term "woke" there. Hate the whole self aggrandizing, pat-your-own-back woke concept.