Gina Carano ROASTS Lucasfilm and EXPOSES Hollywood | Brilliant BOMBSHELL Interview

Fade In: It’s on folks, Gina Carano’s Daily Wire interview is available right now on their website if you sign up, which I did, and it is enlightening. She goes over her treatment at Disney Star Wars (Lucafilm) and shines a much needed light on Kathleen Kennedy’s organization and Hollywood. In the meantime Bill Burr does come to her defense, kind of.

Friday Night Tights with Lauren Chen:

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  1. I've been excited for your Carano Shapiro interview all week. I think it's going to drop some bombshells. Gina is an amazing inspiration, and I hope more people will join in the fight against cancel culture!

  2. I love her and I wish her the best, she’s the epitome of “strong woman”, not this bs woke culture of “empowering women” which 99% of the time is just some pink haired liberal pandering, talking complete nonsense and not leading by example, just tweeting toxicity. Twitter is such a bottomless pit of disgusting behavior, it’s gross and the unsocial type live off Twitter because actual human interaction is impossible to them because EVERYTHING is “offensive”.

  3. Okay Bob Iger… get head out of your rear, stop consulting your execs, and hear what we are saying.
    You keep thinking we are the "toxic fandom" and that you will be able to storm pass us for the complacent majority.
    We are not "toxic fandom", we are the great insight and guardians of what should be Star Wars. We know what you've done to George, we know your hipocrisy, and we're calling you out.

  4. Kathleen Kennedy is pissing herself in fear right now. She's a complete loser as head of Lucasfilm, a pathetic disgrace. Everything she touches fails hard in a big way. She's an ideologue bent on pushing her lame political agenda down everyone's throats. She thought she could get away with it because everyone is afraid to criticize a woman right now. KK, meet Gina. A real strong, powerful woman

  5. It is also 1950's mcCarthyism. No, sirtis, Texas is not in the trouble they are now because of Republicans, they are in this trouble because of depending on "green" energy, a very leftist commodity.

  6. She wasn't wrong and what happened to her only proves her point. I'm sick of people saying she is wrong when the MSM is literally telling us to hate her for pointing out the manipulative tactics they use everyday. That nobody called her co-star out for lying about the origin of a photo he used to make a point is even more proof.

  7. Bill Burr is wrong.

    Demonizing people who have done nothing wrong and telling their own neighbors to hate them is what happened then, and it's what's happening now.

    Leftists used to advocate free speech because they needed it. Now they don't need it. Now they have the power. Now it's time to silence and remove the people who tolerated them.

    Change my mind.

  8. Behind a paywall? Stupid move, now’s the time for the general public to hear her side of the story as much as possible. And you can bet disney won’t start putting their opinions behind a paywall.

  9. To those who would say, “well, she was warned not to express these views” (leaving aside how cosmically arrogant that is), I direct your attention to Chris Pratt. He keeps his head down and has never (to my knowledge) publicly expressed any political opinion one way or another. And they STILL come after him. He’s next on the list, I assure you.
    So it really makes little difference whether you stick your neck out or not, these freaks will come after you on mere SUSPICION. So it’s better to be like Gina and fight back.

  10. I grew up believing we should defend the rights of those that hate America to say what they want, but over the last few years, now that those same people seem to have all the power, I see it as a slow suicide but yeah, I agree no one should be fired for saying stupid things on twitter. She should be shamed for not seeing the situation exposes the unsustainable wind turbines and the dire straights relying on them without immediate alternatives to turn to puts Americans. Blaming Republicans voting for Republicans and not the actual problem makes me pity her and I would laugh but the emotionally stunted ignorance she seems to be afflicted with, is a common problem of the left and its harming this country.

  11. it not just that country. it spreading. The cancel or politically correct culture is spreading everywhere in the world. there even a fake source.

  12. The thing that strikes me is how much this is like the parable of the scorpion and the fox. All they had to do was to just NOT fire her. But they…just…can't…help themselves. It's who they are and what they do. Just like the scorpion in the scorpion and the fox.

  13. yeah, i dont care about Coranno that much to pay for an interview lol. Also lets not make this into a bigger deal that it is. Everyone will come running back to jizznee the moment they announce a new show.

  14. Hey hey hey,what what what da fuck did she say,what did Disney say n do,what the fuck did I miss,instead u r beating around the bush n don't say anything yaself, whaaaaat.happenddddd.from Australia

  15. I disagree with Bill Burr. Carano didn't make an uninformed statement AT ALL. She was spitting straight facts. She was saying that we were on the path of being doomed to repeat history because we are all so at each other's throats right now because of politics. What's wrong with saying that?

    Also, where are all of the claims about the left being "uninformed" when they've spent these past five years calling ANYBODY they disagree with "Nazis"?

    That said, at least Bill Burr said something to defend her. I'll give him that.