Girl Motivation VS Guy Motivation

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This is the differences between girl and guy motivation
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Written by Ryan Long


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  1. Things change so quickly. Feels like yesterday that the message for women was “lean in.” Maybe a good message for anybody is, “Do what you can—do what you want to if it’s achievable—and do it to the highest quality you can.” Also, “don’t be a jerk”—that never works out long-term!

  2. Yeah, something makes me think that Jocko, Rogan, and Peterson don't try to "motivate" their wives the same way they speak to the rest of us. Don't think that would go over so well.

  3. Imagine an overweight, unmasculine virgin gamer bro saying beautiful women are intimated by strong men. There would be a constant flow of ridicule and laughter. Yet women who embody masculine traits and are overly b**chy say this very thing.

  4. That just shows what is expected from men and women in our society. Everything is expected from men, and nothing is expected from women. This is why men are motivated to achieve everything without a break, working and working until they die. And women are motivated to look for excuses to do nothing and be a victim (victimhood is a good excuse for doing nothing).

  5. Do you spend more time trying to change the things you do not like about yourself until there are fewer of them than things you do like? Or do you spend more time trying to convince yourself the things you don't like about yourself really actually like totally aren't all that bad? Whether you feel or it actually is society's fault you think those things about yourself are good or bad-what are you trying to do about it? You gonna try to keep lifting yourself up, or are you gonna try to drag down anyone you see getting above you?

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