Glenn Greenwald Abandons the Intercept After they Attempt to Censor his Hunter Biden Article

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  1. The same people who were raging against evangelical republicans fucking rent boys and muttering bullshit apologies gave birth to people who will defend Democrats fucking underage girls, selling influence to enemies and competitors and don't even apologise, just shrug it off and say "Smear"

    Fucking brilliant.

  2. I don't think it boils down to money. The media blames themselves for Trump defeating Hillary. The believe their coverage of Hillary's scandals 4 years ago gave Trump the edge. This election they've decided not to cover Joe in any way but positive. They haven't been journalists since Obama, just propagandists.

  3. Where was this "We won't report on allegations that haven't been substantiated" logic with a shitload of Trump "scandals" and Kavanaugh? Whenever you called the left on that, they would say that horrible allegations against high-profile people were important to talk about. Someone just says they did something, and the left is like "They possibly committed crimes! That's very important to talk about!"

  4. Isn’t it time to post a boycott list of all mainstream media, all their sponsors and advertisers? Why are they not getting the same treatment as the NFL, NBA, NIKE, Goodyear… They are no longer even pretending to be unbiased or honest professionals. Their choices confirm their collusion with corruption. If they are not FOR the American people, we are against them. Period.

  5. As a Brazilian who has seen Greenwald clash with the Brazilian establishment at great personal risk, I know he truly stands on principle.
    To be clear, I strongly disagree with him on almost everything, but that does not affect the respect I have for his integrity.

  6. If Biden wins, the progressives in the media will use the Hunter Biden scandal that they will not report on today to destroy the Biden administration, to get Harris in place.

  7. There was a sizable troll farm on Twitter smearing Glen at least a week before the story hit about him leaving the Intercept.

    That is how they build consensus. They spread rumors, prime the pump, so when the story hits people are already primed against the truth.

  8. The point about having money in the bank that you can fall back on is spot on. Real independence is financial. If you can pay your own bills, you can say what you want and no one can pressure you to do otherwise. Cancel culture is largely based on the fact that most people are not financially independent.

  9. "I made my own newspaper to avoid censorship!"
    "We're censoring anyway."
    "Well, so long as you don't censor me as well!"
    "Yeah, about that.."

    get rekt, brah