Glenn Greenwald explains ‘shocking’ FBI involvement in kidnapping case

Independent journalist explains why Democrats and media defend the NSA on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’ #FoxNews #Tucker

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  1. When i watch tv shows and movies about presidents and they are portrayed like to the people on those shows like nobody know the curuption a sleeper cell and all kind of plots to do terrorism to their own people and those were movie but in reel life these people holding ofice seem like they are bad actor on hideing it so they must be more corupt doimg all kinds of hits and plots to steal elections murdering to silencing politicians act of terror with evil agenda then what is potray in these movies

  2. The power structure is neither left nor right
    It is about power
    A right wing independent thinker and a left wing independent thinker are equally the enemy.
    Independent is the dangerous word.

  3. If you hire or even talk to an Illegal Alien it gives the NSA the right to violate your Constitutional Privacy Rights Protection and spy on you with their negative intentions against American Citizens!

  4. All of the 3 letter fed police agencies are corrupt. DEA atf bpa. As are the intelligence agencies. NSA CIA dod . And consumer citizen protection agencies. FDA cdc epa etc.

    End corruption. Get our country back to the people.

    The only way I can think of to end the corruption without dragging them out into the streets and handling things in that brutal fashion. If you get my meaning unspoken…

    Is to just give them the best perks and salaries to the point they want for nothing. Give them lots of money. Huge retirement packages. Time off. Whatever they want. So they are incorruptible by money.

    So they honor their jobs. But make the consequence of selling out, life in prison, stripped of all wealth.

  5. And…? No one will be held responsible as usual. They know that they’re the only ones on the battlefield. Their adversaries restrain to whining on the internet.

  6. Be careful remember Michael Hastings, Andrew Brietbart just to name a very few. Our government has no problem killing its citizens. Lavoy Finicum, Randy Weaver’s family and hundreds of others

  7. fBI has been assassinating citizens since Dorthy Killgalin was one of many murders to cover up their participation in the John F Kennedy assassination.

  8. America has become a cesspool of corruption. FBI is a corrupt evil police force that should be disbanded. The left is a small minority but well-financed by evil. The only way to drain the swamp is to eliminate partisan bureaucrats.

  9. The State Department helps parents kidnap children in divorce cases. The State Department will not penalize a parent if that parent does not follow the divorce settlement by keeping children overseas.

  10. I don't know why anyone is surprised at this. They have been covering up for major criminals for years. Several people qualified for treason and they aren't worried about it.