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Written by Sabby Sabs


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  1. Just cannot imagine living in a country where most people have and even carry guns!!! I live in UK and have lots of issues with my country but that we do not have the gun culture you do is so much more logical and a massive bonus for me. Enjoy your show Sabby 💐thank you

  2. Anyone is fair game for criticism but going after Fetterman for graduating from Harvard seems pretty petty. After all the great Dr. Cornel West is himself a graduate of Harvard. Maybe Sabby, having worked at MIT, feels some loyalty to that school over Harvard. lol

  3. This is one of the best segments. The rich will never suffer only all the rest of us and people have to start realizing that. We have to work against the wealthy for our own sake. I haven't been in San Fran in 15 years but it was appalling then – now my city of Minneapolis is just as bad.

  4. It is odd to me that I keep seeing the same For Hire signs for the same business and I know many people looking for jobs but the hiring signs stay out and the unemployed people stay unemployed. If they need employees why are they not hiring are they waiting for college educated people to be cashiers or stock shelves?

  5. The Democratic Party has not been left since Carter became president. The Green Party is barely left really more centrist. NO we do not have a left party in America. maybe if the People's Party can get started but they are sabotaging it as best they can with tactics like Ana used on Jimmy etc.

  6. Excuse me? Baby Formula companies have always been able to keep the shelves stocked before so why worry about their capacity to make formula and find out the cause.

  7. No not every woman can breast feed but most can. We are taught in this country not to breast feed because it is primitive. But really it is that companies would have to give time off for that. Best food for babies is breast milk that give children immunity to many diseases. Formula feeding is why so many people are sick all the time.

  8. What always changes these people Money. "For the love of money is the root of all evil." Nancy, et al, dropped universal healthcare , and Obama care helped with that , as they can salve their filthy burning souls with at least we tried.

  9. How about giving out cloth diapers and reusable plastic pants as much as possible because disposable diapers are horrible for the earth. I know some cannot use them but really I did. It was gross an d hard but I could not afford reusable diapers and I worked and breastfed as best I could.. I admire Rome for what he does but we also must think of the future of humanity and not just the present. Disposable for those who cannot wash diapers but reusable cloth diapers for those who can.

  10. Hey Sabby I'm around the Pittsburgh area, cpl times I seen him around with the people doing basic stuff like getting coffee at Panera 🤣, he's flawed like every candidate but he SEEMS genuine with wanting to legalize weed. I'll vote for him and give him a shot but we'll see…hopefully not another Trojan horse

  11. I'm from Pittsburgh. Fetterman always has my respect because he married the first gay couple in our city at a time when it wasn't legal for us gays to be married. He saw an injustice and took a stand. You could say he should have just put pressure on the legislator but we have enough talkers we need doers.

  12. Sabby, I work for a SUNY/College and we have a decent affordable Healthcare. But, it is not better than Medicare 4 All because we still have to pay premiums ( of course,alot cheaper) co-pays and if you select a doctor outside of your network, you have to cover 20 percent of the cost. Also, the premiums and co-pays keeping going up each year. I favor Medicare 4 All by far!

  13. The US keeps printing up more money for foreign aid, but nothing for the people in the US. We are spending billions of dollars to Ukraine even though the Ukranians are going to win the war and more civilians will suffer.

  14. Pretending to represent the working class no longer has any clothes as an argument.
    The Democrats are done. There is not enough woke affluent voters to keep them in power.
    The Republicans are just pretending to support working people (as usual)
    This is the time for a new party focused on support for the working class that will not make identity politics issues a plank in their platform.

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