Glenn Greenwald: How Deep State Has WEAPONIZED January 6th | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar are joined by journalist Glenn Greenwald to break down how the deep state in tandem with the media has used the January 6th attack to go after civil liberties and expand their power

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Glenn Greenwald:

Written by Breaking Points


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  1. Who the hell is making all those annoying off camera noises?!? STOP THAT SHIT! Is it because you agree or disagree with him? Are you afraid to challenge Glen because he'll have a hissy-fit meltdown on your show?

  2. Ray Epps was definitely inciting people to storm the Capital and even said he might end up in prison for that so surely he must be one of these insurrectionists that we're hearing about.

  3. Oh look, another video of terrorist supporting right-wing supporting conspiracy theories by 'breaking points'. Anyone that considers this journalism is too far gone. Lookup what should actually happens to seditionists that become terrorists under the Patriot Act you sheep. This is misinformation, plain and simple

  4. Glem has fallen from glory. Imagine going from award winning journalist to mouthpiece for the gop.

    Can you ask him why he rightfully complains about liberal outlets like msnbc, but can't take the time to say a single bad word about fox.

  5. That was very informative. This is why I kicked off at people yesterday which said things like "I'm not watching this show anymore because Krystal hates Dr Malone" Fools. Disgreee with her but don't cut off your nose….

  6. Glenn is right 99.9% of the time, but at 10:35 he's completely wrong.

    Obama, was a spineless, Neo-Liberal, corporate conservative GOP vs the authoritarian one we just had. Is anyone surprised?? At 1:50:10, Hedges says "it exposed how Homeland Security, FBI and private security firms were attempting to link dissident and “leftist” groups to terrorist groups to use terrorism laws against them." Bingo!!! Both corporate conservative parties will go after the defenseless "left" 24/7!! Easy Peasy!

    C’mon people, the FBI embeds itself inside RW groups, militias and White Supremacists because they are easy stink’in targets and they need to justify their damn existence. Well duh!! But they ain’t a “real” threat to this nation or its people. Hell, Obama had one guy in charge of monitoring all these radical groups during his presidency. All the rest were reassigned.

    This shows our corporate conservative/RW government/media doesn't consider White Supremacists, militias, RW radical groups as terrorists, only those on the "left". Hmmm, when conservatives/RW control every facet of our society this is what happens. Jan 6 was a nothing burger/non-event to these people, so expect it to happen again and nothing will be done. It's Antifa baby!!

    Liberals/ liberalism have always been the main threat to our government, corporations and our institutions because they represent the people, therefore no one defends them so they are sitting ducks. (JFK anyone?) This is why the spineless, clueless, foxhole, rubber-stamping, capitulating, corporate Dems Stand for Nothing and Fight for Less!

    We need 3rd parties ASAP!!

  7. Odd that the riots that happened on January 2001 and January 2005 didn’t require any government overreach. October of 2021 saw a riot inside the department of interior. It’s only this riot done by republicans that seems important.

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