Glenn Greenwald: Media Will NEVER ADMIT Russiagate Lies

Krystal and Saagar are joined by journalist Glenn Greenwald who explains why the media will never admit to their Russiagate lies and the similarities it poses to the Iraq war lies

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  2. The number is 0 because it is not a crime for the head of a presidential campaign to give campaign data to a foreign operative – which is exactly what Paul Manafort did. There isn't really any debate around that.

  3. Why should media admit lies re Trump-Russia hoax? The NYT hasn't admitted to lying about Stalin killing 7 million Ukrainians – which won them the same Pulitzer Prize that Greenwald also proudly slings around.

    That's the same Pulitzer who literally invented "yellow journalism."

  4. Did the Trump ask Russia to get Hillary’s email? Did Trump tried to get information from Russians to win the election? Did Russians engaged in social media disinformation to influence U.S election? Did Russians sanctioned for meddling in U.S election?

  5. Krystal is disgusting. Notice how she pivoted to smear the other party in engaging in similar behavior. Really?!? 4 years and $40M later…Republicans are doing the same thing?!? The Republicans control 98% of the media?! What planet or parallel universe are you living in!

  6. It's great that this is finally getting settled, as it should… but the question still remains why. The timing of all of the Russiagating fell completely in line with the revelation that HRC and goons had illegaly stolen the primaries from Bernie Sanders through some seriously corrupt means. All of the election fraud, and on top of that, the death of one Seth Rich. Russiagate was a distraction from one of the most corrupt elections in US history.

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  8. If the FBI and MSM pushed a lie about Russian interference for 4 years and it turned out to be false, no one is held accountable, then why should I believe the same FBI and MSM telling me there was no election shenanigans for 2020? Especially when the "narrative" (i.e. lie) benefits the same political party.

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