Glenn Greenwald: Obama Alum ADMITS To Trapping Edward Snowden In Moscow, Then LIED About It

Glenn Greenwald explains how the Obama administration forced Edward Snowden to take permanent residence in Russia in order to smear him.

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  1. Military Leaders Needed to advise China-Joe he is making a Great Decision that is Treasonous to America!!! Now they (China-Joe & Traitors pushed hard) flash Now. No 👎 the Generals are pansies. Politics played out as Democrats socialist played out.

  2. What didn't Obama NOT lie about!!!! EXCEPT "I will fundamentally transform the United States of America". The puppet master (along with Valerie Jarret and Susan Rice) moving Biden's strings.

  3. Obama's Agenda for the Muslim Brotherhood is under way! Afghanistan was all puppeteered by OBama. 5 weeks before Afghanistan NIGHTMARE. OBiden quietly RELEASED 911 terrorists from GITMO. Just as Obama did 5 terrorists for one TRAITOR Bergdahl and planes loaded with MONEY to middle east. What we have HERE FOLKS is the ottoman empire on the march and flights infiltrating more middle east immigrants. WE HAVE NO BORDERS. USA has a perimeter that is being over run!

  4. Nasti extremists Kissinger, Brezenski Madeleine Albright,Clintons,Bush1&2, Obombas,Trumps,Bidens,Netanyahu Mileikowsky,Blairs,.Besides Bombing Countries to the Stone Ages, the Americans relentless persecution of Julian Assange is indicative of American Democracy has degenerated into a 1984 Orwellian,Goebbelsian,language of Lies becoming Truth, War is Peace ,Ignorance is Strength.

  5. Glenn's contribution to this segment was excellent. Once again, Lil' Ryan gives his adolescent middle school bias, hence contributed absolutely nothing. He did set up, through naivety, a point of view that Glenn crushed because Ryan is not a critical thinker, Greenwald is.

  6. I followed suit along with president Obama. I was taught never go against your President, no matter who or what…gee betrayed by disinformation way back then. I confirm in these unpredictable days.

  7. As a black man I can honestly say that Obama was a terrible president. Worst then the others because he sold us hope. At least I know what Bush and Trump stood for. I hate yo say but Trump is the only president I've had that didn't go to war or cause some type o economic collapse.

  8. Saddest part is Obama is one of the worst traitors to the USA ( and worlds ) citizens. USA has always been horrible bullies toward whistleblowers. It’s vicious and ignoble all they do to anyone with courage to stand up for the truth and what’s right.

  9. LOOK HERE NOW!!!….

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