Glenn Greenwald on Jan 6 and Ukraine

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Interview starts at 23:56

There’s a whole lot of terrible stuff going on which means Glenn Greenwald has a whole lot to say:

•Biden’s failure at the Summit of the Americas: Latin American leaders are boycotting Biden’s summit because he refused to invite the dictatorships of Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela. Meanwhile, Biden’s packing for his big trip to the dictatorship of Saudi Arabia…

•Jan 6 in Prime Time: “I don’t think dramatizing this three-hour protest from 18 months ago will do very much at all other than underscore the fact that this is the only strategy the Democrats have.”

•More Russiagate developments: “When I heard that first ad where Hillary Clinton had that sinister music playing and said, ‘What is this relationship between Donald Trump and the Russians?’ to me it just immediately sounded like the kind of McCarthyite toxicity I had spent many decades abhorring.”

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It’s all this, and more, on this week’s episode of Useful Idiots. Check it out.

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  1. I watch this show a lot, but the discussion with Glenn was more South/North America than Ukraine or Jan 6th. Very clickbaity title. I thought what you guys actually discussed was still very interesting

  2. I grew up in poor circumstances, I knew no one who went hungry. Parents gave their kids breakfast. The fact that the schools are giving children breakfast is demented. Any parent, of any means, can’t feed their children. Do not deserve to have them. They should be taken by the state. Are you guys out of your freaking mind.

  3. Reference At 19:48…personally…I don’t have a problem with Katie and Aaaron pleasuring themselves during the Useful Idiot podcast. That does not go for Matt Taibei pending his return.

  4. Mini research question for Useful Idiots fans and subs:
    How many folks are getting right wing ads before and upon completion of Useful Idiot videos … or find themselves auto-scrolled into some conservative think/hit piece following a Useful Idiot video?

    I have extremely low internet "attack zone" (as Micah Lee defines) and have never watched a single Fox piece or any other reactionary/conservative sight. I can barely stomach CNN. Yet, every time I watch a Useful Idiots video I get hit front and back with these reactionary views …. like Youtube algorithm has a distinct agenda. Greenwald fan, not prone to conspiracies … this is just strange.

  5. Your entry conversation about travel shows that you both are very very affluent compared with the average American.
    I know no one, no one that has been to India or Vietnam, or anywhere else. Just coffee work repeat, for us out here. You two are out of touch, maybe do a tour of America, so you can fully understand what you say your fighting for?

  6. A friend of mine told me long ago the quality of your suit will get you a meeting faster than the value of your reason…..a good personnel assistant can recognise the quality of expensive suit….$$$gets through the door first…✌❤

  7. US as usual wants to hide behind the flag of democracy to punish who ever country doesn’t go along with its dictatorship as for Mexico’s President Lopez Obrador an as pacifist it’s just a demonstration , how important is that the whole continent of states of America should be present, no matter the differences there is . That’s why the meeting to talk about and clarify these differences and bring a whole American continent united but Washington only wants to dictate so that’s not democracy it’s a dictatorship!
    Now seems to be that because of this organization of the Americas it’s not working properly basically is breaking apart and there is a problem for the US but the bullying on the small countries shouldn’t be, that one of the reasons US is loosing everywhere.
    And we as US citizens we need to change all that corruption in Washington Democrats are stealing our own taxes clearly by sending money to Ukraine worthless war.
    And here at home with struggling with a fuel prices and the cost of living, and what about the money that we supposed to get from Washington to rebuild Americas infrastructure.
    Clearly once again I say it Washington is stilling the money. Plain CORRUPTION!

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