Glenn Greenwald on the Media’s Disinformation Campaign to Protect Fauci

Written by Glenn Greenwald


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  1. Now this is the kind of bipartisan i like to see. Much better than the kind in Washington. The thing that scares them the most is the right and the left uniting against them.

  2. I am what some might call Hard Rlght. I love Greenwald and endorse him frequently even when I disagree with him. Sharyl Attkisson is like a Conservative version. Just integrity. I would love to see them work together.

  3. No doubt Mr Greenwald will sooner than later suffer sudden death by airplane or cardiac arrest and joint the Clinton body count of conservative martyers or liberals who betrayed them or knew too much.

    Mark my words….

  4. Funny how recently doctors have discovered a vaccine for valley fever found in Arizona and California so your hypocrisy is unparalleled. Even if there was not perfection what do you say about this?the research is to help dogs and yes pupppies we’re used in research and may help humans too at a later date. The lack of depth to your analyses is stunning

  5. I hate how you only give him seconds to talk about it.
    I appreciate and respect Tucker and Love Glenn, but check out America Uncovered's coverage of this. There's essentially misinfo in this video itself… they are far better at digging into the details in their "Wait, Is That True?" segments
    (it's true enough, but it's worth looking up)

  6. In Roman times, the wives used to go to the Trivium to shop and talk amongst themselves wasting time until their husbands came home so they could make them their suppers. This is where trivia comes from. You are just like those women at the Trivium talking about nothing until their husbands come home. EVERYONE KNOWS, BRUH. If nobody does anything about it, it's just wasting time accomplishing nothing.

  7. This is such bullshit… it doesnt even make any difference… morons on both sides, wasting time, yacking away emitting tons of carbon … Mainstream media, especially american style is finished. End of Story. Find a new job dear Glenn!

  8. About those who identify with the racist legal construct of so-called whiteness who’re insufferably cringe clueless about the impunity only they are granted and ranting and raving about it because of the false consciousness they’re afforded in their unnecessary racialized hierarchy: It’s a massive kick in the teeth to people who don’t identify with the racist legal construct of “whiteness” & especially indigenous people, because it’s (psychedelics) been integral to indigenous belief systems for thousands of years (and colonizers are disrespecting it and the land trying to find it), but also, those who the police don’t discern identify as the racist legal construct of “whiteness” (nonwhite), are by no means getting the same impunity as those who do, and that is proven through vast preponderance of antecedent evidence and it is an absolute ongoing crime against humanity, so they’re unfortunately not going to be treated fairly and still are not treated fairly. The “white” people who are granted impunity by their structurally racist and structurally corrupt coercive monopoly of the state a.k.a. police enforced unnecessary racialized settler colonialist social dominance hierarchy since Columbus ranting and raving about the impunity they are granted, it’s really disillusioning, it’s indicative of the false consciousness they are afforded in the hierarchy they create, maintain and enforce, and it’s really a kick in the teeth. I wish it wasn’t so but it just is😒
    They stole the land from the indigenous through genocide to pay for their structurally racist and structurally corrupt coercive monopoly of the state 😒😭

  9. Tucker is the most honest of the partisan cable news hosts?!?! Well fuck me silly we really are fucked…. im starting to see a connection between the weponized ignorance and tribalism of the early 20th century and the current 21st… and its scaring the shit out of me…………

  10. Apart from learning that Carson and Greenwald love dogs, which is fine, I got a lot of heavy breathing out of this interview. What was the experiment? What was cruel about it? Why was it "totally unnecessary" as Carlson claims? From there he leaps to "depth of corruption." Only a fool can have an opinion influenced by this video.

    BTW, I love dogs too, but if experimenting on Fido reduces my chance of getting a dread disease, I support animal testing. I eat meat, and will not anthropomorphize animals, even though they obviously have feelings.

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